Titleist name on Footjoy gear

The Titleist logo is limited to Tour players, Titleist Staff members and some employees. There have been a few Vokey items with both logos, but they are pretty limited. Beware of eBay, lots of counterfit stuff out there!

Just be careful when you use eBay - I have been burned with fake pro v's and a few polo's. Needless to say I do use eBay any more for that reason :-/

It would be nice but with the rectangle titleist logo now going away and just the titleist name embroidered it is going to cause some controversy.  

Well the word must have gotten out because the FJ and T polos are flying off eBay $150 and up!

They are very nice and I have a few.  But it doesn't make the ball go in the hole any easier.  haha

Like said above, beware the ebay deals.  And with the patch going away, the prices will just go up.


As many have mentioned, the Titleist/Footjoy items (besides hats) are for tour players only. They need to separate tour stuff from retail stuff, so there is a difference. Again, if Titleist/Footjoy made apparel that everyone wears, then it wouldn't be as special and they would be like everyone else.

I agree that I would love to have the polos that have the FJ/Titleist logo on it to show my support for my favorite golf brand, but it doesn't make the game any easier.  I show my support by rocking my Titleist hat and FJ clothes, my Titleist clus and Pro V1X and I play my game. 

I have seen some of those items on eBay and have seen some polos go for between $150-200, that's crazy.