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Combination Golf Bag for Cart or Walking

William F

On the weekends when playing with the group I normally ride which the cart bag is fine.  During the week when I like to walk 9 afterwork the cart bag is a pain for the sake I really do not like to push or pull a cart.  Switching bag is OK, but takes time and normally forget something.  Does Titleist offer a combination cart/stand bag?  Maybe they already do and just not finding it at pro shop or on the home page. That would be the ticket for me.  I have seen other manufacturers who have them, but want to keep my titleist equipment in their own name brand bag.

Thank you




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  1. Chip B

    The premium stand bag should suit your needs. It is not too heavy to carry but can carry everything but the kitchen sink when you are riding. Our club pro uses it as his Titleist staff bag and he always rides.

    I have to admit I do own both though.


  2. John H

    Will the Premium Stand bag, or any other Titleist stand bag,  also work on a traditional pull cart? 




  3. LSG

    I have the premium stand bag and can attest that it is good and light for carrying (just so you don't overload it) and also good for riding in a cart or pushing on a cart like a ClicGear.  It has lots of storage space and is extremely durable.

  4. James B

    Should work on a pull cart. I have had several stand bags and I have used them with a pull cart. If you are purchasing it from a golf shop try it out on a pull cart in the store before you buy it just to be sure ...

  5. Bill H

    I have a Titleist X87 stand bag, that is about 4 years old. It was designed just for the purpose you describe. It is a light weight carry bag, when I want to walk with my daughter, and a nice cart bag when I ride. Their are zippered sheaths that cover the legs and help lock them in place when using with a riding cart. It also fits very well in my Sun Mountain push cart. It is a great bag and very durable. I have had mine for years and still looks great. If you can find one, I would highly recommend it.


  6. William F


    Thank you for the response.  I'll begin the search.


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