Testing new PRO V's

Arrived home today to a package with a White box containing 3 x Pro v1x (i am assuming they are 'x' as they have red numbers)....can't wait to try them this weekend.

Got mine today. They are getting a run out in the morning. I'll let you know how they perform tomorrow. 


Right then...fingers crossed for next time then! :)

BTW, how often do you test prototype balls a year?



hi it feels good off th tee and with the wedges, it was very cold this morning but had good flight with distance. hard to tell on the greens as there was a bit of frost

i think ithey are  better than the old pro v


phil swinton

can i test the new pro v's please

Hi Scott,

There's no fixed amount of times that we send out test balls - stay tuned to Team Titleist to find out when the next time will be.


hi live in england and play at royal north devon golf course it is the oldest links course in england and is windy most of the time so i would love to help and try some out 


I have taken part in new ball testing and am now ready to upload my results but have misplaced my letter and unique URL for my reply. 

Is there anyway that can be emailed to me?

Afternoon, firstly many thanks to whoever at Titleist who picked my name out of the hat and sent me a sleeve of the 'TEST' prov1x's last week. Unfortunately I was away last weekend but managed to play 18 yesterday at Royal Montrose (links).

Obviously excited to try out the test balls and was impressed from the first tee shot onwards. I will leave it to the experts to explain the complex differences from the old Prov1x's to the new ones - it appears only to be larger dimples but the coating looks brighter and i'm sure the magic inside is also making a performance change - lets say for the better.

I was amazed at how fast they were coming off the club face - they feel slightly harder than the old prov1x's and the ball flight felt a lot higher with way more penetration through the air. The temperature was 7-9degrees C and little wind until the last 3-4 holes. Irons were going 10 yards further, honest. I hit 8, 7 and 6 iron through the back of the green on holes I know that with the old ball from the same yardage is the correct number.

Drop and stop on the greens was really great, albeit you seem to get a firm first bounce even when they drop in from a height. Wedges (vokeys) loved them - great control around the green from all sorts of lies. Only thing I did find different and a slight negative on the day was the feel on the greens - I was using a Scotty GoLo and the ball felt hard off the club face - well more so than the current prov1x - which I prefer to the non x anyway for on and around the greens.

In the wind there was very little effect of the wind which was across from right to left on 2 of the closing 4 holes the 15th which is a par 5 was huge off the tee 240 - 250 through the air and a really firm bounce running out to 280-285 from tee. left me with a rescue to the front of the green. The last was playing into and hit a slight draw and it was not affected by the breeze which was as strong as it had been all day and the temp was dropping as a result - left me 128 yards to the flag and hit a 9 iron 3 yards short of that distance.

In terms of damage to the surface - not much and that included a couple of bunker shots and full wedges, slight marking but would say there was less on the cover than I normally have after a round with the old prov1x's.

Can't wait for the weekend. To try another one.

Hope the staff at Titleist don't mind that I gave one of the balls away to a good friend of mine (scratch player) who will use it this weekend and we will meet up next week to discuss our results over a drink.

Many thanks


PS - Gutted that RORS has left Titleist - IMHO really bad move and really doesn't need to be in the same manufacturing stable as Tiger to achieve more that Tiger ever will. Stick with what you know and what has got you to the top - i'm sure it's not cause he needs the money!

Hi, my name is Jim Soutar & I was selected to test the new Titleist Pro V1. I played @ the Dukes in St Andrews on Sunday28th October. It was cool & breezy. I play off 8, hit the ball an average length & am pretty straight. I normally play with the Pro V1. I felt that I was getting a bit more distance off the tee, and about the same with both long & middle irons, however the difference was in wedge / pitching and definately putting. The ball bit much quicker when pitching and had the feel of the old "balata" ball, this was more noticeable when putting and definately had to give the ball a longer stroke to get it to the hole.

I also gave a new ball to my mate, who plays off 3. Willie hits a good length ball normally but, he definately hit it further with his driver / long irons. He also felt the major difference was in putting, needed to hit ball slightly harder than the original Pro V to get the ball to the hole. Once we had confidence in stroking the ball harder it was a very enjoyable round.

Would need to have a few more rounds to get used to it but 1st impressions are good.

I would loike to try it.


Lucky enough to have tested this ball on a short little trip with some friends in slightly warmer climate than UK.

100% sure that this ball has more breaks installed. As these greens are firmer than home and unless I have improved dramatically,

it sure checks up quickly.

Think this baby will be a dream to those that are 100% more geared up to do well on and around the greens,

rather than trying to hit the 300 yard mark off the tee.

Again compared to presents ball and other makes, no real significant gains or loses. It's up there with them.

Also I like to point out, that its durability has improved. For sure it looked a lot fresher at the end of the round compared to the new

2nd ball I was using. (Present Pro v).

One downside for me anyway are the alignment arrows on it. I do prefer the ones on be current Pro V1.

But, yes I would be interested to purchase once on the market.