Feedback on Titleist Prototype Test Golf Balls

Posted: October 23, 2012

A number of Team Titleist members (in the region of 1,600) have recently been randomly selected to receive a sleeve of Titleist prototype test golf balls, in order to assist with our ongoing product development process. And the process of dispatching the golf balls starts today!

One of the most critical elements of bringing new products to market is receiving feedback from golfers of all levels - professionals competing on the world's major tours, to club professionals, elite amateurs and club golfers.

Those that receive the test golf balls have been asked to undertake an on-course evaluation following some outline guidance - you will hopefully be able to read feedback on the process below. 

If you were one of the Team Titleist members asked to evaluate golf balls this time, please could you leave your feedback by posting a comment to this blog post.

If you weren't one of the Team Titleist members selected this time, please stay tuned, as we are likely to be sampling White Box Pro V1 & Pro V1x ahead of launch next March.

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terry d

thanks Team Titleist received balls today will let you know evaluation asap regards terry d

thomas c

Flew high long and straight first drive played. Wedge to 10 feet. Sank putt. Birdie. Next hole par 3 hit it a little long. Seems a little longer than the Pro V 1X that I played the front 9. Still I liked performance. Shot 38 on front with ProV1X and 36 on back with new test ball. Very consistent . I like it.  Thanks  tdc

Keith B

Many thanks for the titleist test balls I received today - rushing out to try them while the weather is "reasonable". Winter blast expected tonight in North East.

david h

Thanks i recieived them today and will be playing tomorrow so will give feedback asap

David P

Many thanks Team Titleist - received balls today and looking forward to trying them at the earliest opportunity. Will evalulate asap. Kind regards David

jeff s

Hi! Nice surprise in the post this morning thank you Titleist!!

Have only had chance to have a quick putt with the prototype today and feels very stable with great feeling off the putter face.

I'm currently playing off 5 h/cap and still fairly wayward off the the tee so having a good short game along with what I consider to be a decent putter helps me to keep low and this ball will no doubt help.

Dare not hit one with my driver as I don't want to lose one!!

Will keep you posted when I do!

joe c

Many thanks,received the test balls today.Will give them a go sunday weather permitting,cheers again joe

Jacob B

The quality of the ball is excellent. Furthermore, I normally finish a round with a ball not in the greatest of conditions, this ball ended up in much better condition that I had thought. The control over this ball is very good and feels extremely nice.

Keith B

Date 25 October 2012. Time: 14:45 to 17:15 Course: Longhirst Hall (Dawson). Weather: Started bright, no wind, heavy air - finished dull, raining, wind @ 17mph Balls used: Titleist test; A333; Tour Pro ball. Handicap 16 Equipment: Superfast Driver and woods ;  G20 4-SW irons; hybrid rescue; 60 degree lob wedge; 2 ball putter

Used the philosophy "Don 't hit them harder - hit them better" tried to smooth my swing after deciding on the club to take . I hit all three balls from the same preferred lie.

Driving: the Titleist test ball was difficult to control off the tee as I was amazed at the high velocity and side spin generated. The AD333 ball was easier for me to control and was usually farther up the fairway. The Tour Pro ball was always 10 yards behind the other two. When I did manage to connect and control the drive with the Titleist ball, it was probably 5 yards further on than the AD333 and 20 yards further than the Tour Pro ball. This surprised me greatly!

3 and 5 wood: I generally have more control with these two woods than I do with my driver. On every occasion the Titleist ball flew straighter and farther than both the other balls. On the 13th, I always struggle to get onto the green in two. Using my 3 wood twice with the Titleist, did the job perfectly, got the birdie while the other two balls gave me my normal bogie!

Irons: I think this was where I appreciated the Titleist ball most, from all distances from 150 yards. The ball felt better off the club face and flew higher and longer with much more accuracy. ( I suppose I'm saying that I was able to generate more spin, and more importantly, control it) I loved the one bounce stop when it hit the green. The other two balls struggled to make the distance - remember same club from preferred lie. If they made the green they ran on much more.

Wedges: Again much more spin and control around the greens. I tried the pitch into the heart of the green, the pitch and run and the accuracy and stopping ability of the Titleist ball far out stripped that of both the AD333 and Tour Pro ball.

Overall: Whatever Titleist developers have done to generate the extra spin whilst keeping the "feel" off the club face they need to keep! It is up to me to develop my swing, especially with my driver, to take full advantage of these prototype balls. Thank you for including me in the testing and validation process. It was a pleasure

steven L

25/10/12 Thankyou for sending me your trial golf balls i look forward to giving them a trial run at the weekend. I will then let you know asap what they were like