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Share Your WedegeWorks Exclusives Pictures Here!

Team Titleist

Has your WedgeWorks Exclusives order landed on your doorstep? If so, we want to to see it!

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and his team of WedgeWorks artisans have taken a few snapshots themselves (you can view the slideshow here), but they're just too busy casting, stamping, painting and engraving all of the custom orders submitted through Vokey.com to shoot them all...

Post your pictures here – and be sure to tell us the story behind your one-of-a-kind design!

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  1. S70B

    Here is the runner-up prize that I won during the sweepstakes draw.

    Thanks to Mike for helping me out here.


    And its added to my collection of TVDs and proto.

    Thanks again Titleist!

  2. Nick P

    Not the best picture but here is my WedgeWorks models.  This will go along with my stash I have on reserve in my basement.

  3. Team Titleist

    Those are some great pictures guys. Thanks for sharing!

  4. doctorkev

    Nick...I think you need a couple more wedges.  I can see room for about 3 more in that bag!

    Seriously though...I enjoy group shots alot and in my book there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

  5. David N

    Anyone who can post a better set of Vokeys than Nick gets a free WedgeWorks Tour Saw hat!  Courtesy of the WedgeWorks Team.

    ps.  Sorry Voke, your collection doesn't count!   

  6. Dan H


    Here is the runner-up prize that I won during the sweepstakes draw.

    Thanks to Mike for helping me out here.


    And its added to my collection of TVDs and proto.

    Thanks again Titleist!


    Nice Collection!

    Can I ask how you request snow like stamping of your initials on the back of the wedge?



  7. Ben R


    Here are my new best friends! Superb work by the WedgeWorks team (thanks). LIL RIC is an abbreviation of "Little Ric" a nickname my father gave me. The stamping is in his honor because he can no longer play golf. The TVD 52 has already been on the course, but I haven't hit it the TVD 56 yet. I'm certain it will be as sweet as the 52: very soft feeling and easily workable. Also worth mentioning the grooves allow a little roll out, which as a high ball hitter I prefer. Is there a wedge more "elegant" than the 56?

  8. Ben R

    Another look!

  9. Dan H

    How did you get the snow stamp pin hole's??

    Great looking wedges....

  10. Ben R

    The snow "pinpoints" were a request. You can just indicate what you want in the comments portion of the online ordering form. If WedgeWorks can accomodate a request, they will. If not they'll let you know and make suggestions. Here's a link to a web page I created to share more info on my wedges: http://www.benricci.com/Wedgeworks.html There's a link to my Vokey spec sheet and you can see how the stamping is designated internally at WW.

  11. Dylan T

    Love Wedgeworks here my baby, I think the simpler, the better. There isnt a wedge out there that look better to me than this one, I wanna use it on every shot Lol. It just looks so sleek, Bob is a genius!!!!

  12. David N

    Love the sleek lefty look Dylan.  There's a Tour Saw hat coming your way! 


    From your friends at WedgeWorks. 


  13. Wesley

    Here are my two Wedge Works Wedges.  I went for the 56 and 60 degree wedges with a clean and simple black/white color scheme.  It matches great with my GolfPride grips.  I love them!  Thanks to Bob Vokey and Team Titleist!

  14. Mark C

    My Hokie Vokeys just arrived! Note: Hokie Orange!  Beautiful machines they are but now time to put 'em to work!  Thanks WedgeWorks!!!!


    Mark C

  15. David N

    Thanks for sharing your WedgeWorks story Wes! 


    Send us a note at vokeywedgeworks@vokey.com with your name, address, and whether you want a black or white Tour Saw hat. 


    Thanks for supporting Titleist & Vokey!

    Vokey WedgeWorks Team 

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