Slideshow: First WedgeWorks Exclusives orders

Posted: July 30, 2010

Just a couple weeks old, the new WedgeWorks Exclusives line is causing quite the stir in Master Craftsman Bob Vokey's workshop.

Vokey and his team of WedgeWorks artisans at Titleist’s high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, Calif., have been busy casting, stamping, painting and engraving (see right) the custom orders submitted through

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to check out the one-of-a-kind wedges that have recently shipped from WedgeWorks... and once you get yours, be sure to share a picture of it in the Team Titleist forums!


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Robert Sellman


Robert Sellman


Gene K

Getting my GENE MD wedges today!!!

Looking forward to getting a wedge with snow in sept!

Robert Sellman

would have rather seen a picture of the "business" side of the club...

Robert Sellman


Brian D

Unbelievalbe wedges.  I just got a Wedge works design last week and waiting for another one to arrive soon!  Great job Voke!  Keep them coming.