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Thanks for sharing your WedgeWorks story Wes! 


Send us a note at with your name, address, and whether you want a black or white Tour Saw hat. 


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What a beauty!!!!

Hokie Vokeys!  Johnson Wagner would be proud.  Thanks for the post.  We've got a Tour Saw hat for you! 

Wedgeworks exclusive Fit for a "King"....Thanks Bob Vokey amd Team Titleist......

Wedgeworks Exclusive from Vokey......Fit for a "King"

The 3 Little Kings.  I like to keep my clubs clean and traditional looking.  I choose black and white for Titleist colors.  Nothing flashy but still exclusive and timeless.

Love the strictly business look, also the thin Titleist print like on Pro V's is amazing!


Here is the story of my new WedgeWorks exclusive. 

This summer I came back to golf after a long time away. Although I had updated my irons a couple of years ago, I had never tried a wedge that wasn't part of a game-improvement iron set. After much research on the subject and an entire revamp of my short game, I--with the help of Stan Utley's wonderful books--discovered Vokey Wedges and the importance of having a grind and bounce profile that matches your swing. I have found the perfect match with my WedgeWorks TVD 56*. Its design complements Utley's techniques perfectly and its looks make it suitable for framing.

I chose a simple color palette with a white Tour Saw filled with a red dot and my name in gorgeous TVD Red. My grip--the New Decade Multicompound is black and white and goes great with the head design. All in all, I couldn't be happier.


Gorgeous wedge Dan!  It would go perfect with a Tour Saw hat!  Send your info to and we'll hook you up. 


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Dave N. 

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Here is mine, I love how soft the qpq finish is and how little glare there is in the desert!

Thanks guys for all your hard work!!



VERY nice pictures everyone! The WedgeWorks TVD wedges look so smooth/clean. I absolutely love my Spin-Milled C-C wedges, but a 52*/56*/60* TVD C-C wedge(s) would be so nice.

These wedges are stunning, are they available in the UK?

Love the finish!  My only dilemma is what loft to get first!

Could I please ask how we can get our hands on the Wedge Works wedges here in Down Under? The vokey site says delivery in U.S only.

We plan to offer WedgeWorks Exclusives in the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada in January. 


Thanks for supporting Vokey WedgeWorks! 



Dave N.