Share Your WedegeWorks Exclusives Pictures Here!

Hey Team Titleist,

Just received my Wedgeworks Wedges and I'm LOVING them.

The new finish is beautiful and I love that the face of the club is not shiny, so it doesn't glare in my eyes when it's sunny out. These are now my favorite clubs in my bag without a doubt!

Those are some great looking wedges Matt! 

Thanks for sharing with Team Titleist.


Hit 'em close,


Dave N.

WedgeWorks Team 


Is that a low bounce 58* this available in a 60*...want a low bounce 60* but it is not available left handed...wondering if Wedgeworks will be able to make me a 60* with the 4* bounce as advertised for right handed golfers???

those are some crazy looking wedges. like to get my hands on some of those hahah. That is a cool hat too :)