Testing new PRO V's

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Have any UK Team Titleist members been supplied with white ball sleeves for feedback? Would think that it would help with the research to have balls tested on hard links at 7deg ambient and 30mph winds alongside the US with their high pressure, tempreature and low winds giving bigger carries and softer landings.



steve m

Hi Guys. Played a few random shots today with the prototype ball with the same club/shot using my PRO V1. I'll have views on the new ball once I've played a few more rounds. I'm intending to play 18 holes on Friday with the prototype.

BTW I tried typing in the web address given in your covering letter but your site can't find it.



Mark G

Have just received a white sleeve - am very excited to be trying something new!!

I'm looking forward to trying these on the course at the weekend but based on the the very scientific "putter across the dining room carpet test" these seem to feel a tad softer than my normal Pro V1x's

Can you enlighten us as to what balls these are proto's of?

Michael C


I received my sleeve of balls today :-) thanks

I'm guessing that if it's a red numbered ball its a prototype of the proV1x??????


steve m

Yes, Michael, I thought about that too but it could also be a ruse on their part????



ian h


Also just had a sleeve delivered! I'm playing after lunch today so will give them a try!

Thank you


Darren s

Hi thanks titleist  just got my prototype prov1 s in the post ,

They will be going round Worksop golf club tommorow for day 1 of testing !!!


Will B

Just got home for my school in England to find a new white package with 3 prototype titleist balls in there? What current ball are they a replica of??

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Will,

They're not a replica of any ball. They are a prototype test ball and we would love your feedback after evaluation.


davy l

Received my sleeve this morning will hopefully get out tomorrow to try them out in the lovely freezing cold weather in scotland


Danny Mc

How do you get picked or how do you know if you have been selected for a set of testing balls

stuart w

Also received my plain white sleeve of three this morning, looking forward to trying them out, feel soft but who knows.

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Danny,

It was a random selection from Team Titleist members, with priority given to those that had completed the most of their profiles. If you haven't received test balls this time, don't panic, there will be sampling and testing opportunities in the future.

Best regards

brian m

Hello..I got an email from titleist to say a pack of 3 is on its way out to me..I live in lreland so I should get them next week

Neil H

Ram Gorania

If you have been chosen for testing the new pro v1/x would they have arrived by now?

Dimple pattern looks a little different cant wait to try them tomorrow