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ed w

I'm 63 and my swing speed is about 85 to 88 mph. Which ball should I use


Going through  Titleist's ball fitting program was one of the most informative golf programs I've done .Hitting different balls back to back gives you immediate feed back on each balls flight with your  swing which translates into confidence on the course knowing how the ball will react to certain conditions.After playing golf for over 40 years and not really caring what I played (usually 1 or 2 types of ball) the ball fitting made me realize PRO-V1 is the ball for me

Rob b


Team Titleist

Rob;  Did you actually attend a Ball Fitting event at your golf course or did you go through our ball fitting education and selection information on and then download the scorecard?

Either way, we are very glad you enjoyed the experience.  As I'm sure you realized, it's certainly not a simple education or experience, but once you understand the concept of the green to tee approach, you'll realize that it's about fnding the golf ball that will help you lower your score.  This may not necessarily be the one that you hit the farthest off the tee.

We appreciate your feedback and best wishes for a great golf season with the Titleist Pro V1!




Why is it that all the other ball manufacturers are constantly preaching how good their ball is and that you should play their ball? Titleist, in my opinion has the right answer to this one. Theirs  targets the user and the Pros tell you why they use the NUMBER ONE ball in use on the Tour. All the others preach ball improvement and fitting with ball fitting being the most important, but none have compared their ball to the ProV1 or ProV1x which tells a lot about the those two balls by Titleist. And if ball fitting is your thing, Titleist has any number of models that could and would fit your game. I personally use the ProV1x regularly and in colder weather the NXT Tour or NXT. I'm 69 yrs. young and my swing speed is still 107 and the ProV1x fits my game very nicely.