Optic Yellow

I'd buy in a NY minute!

I don't want this subject to die...I would really like to see (no pun intended) a yellow (iridescent) ProV offering. 

I tried the NXT's.  Nice, but prefer the control/spin of ProV.   I actually started playing srxn toward the end of this year.

Save me, please.  

Titleist sent me three Optic Yellow "TEST" balls. Tried them out at Golf Tech with other available Optic Yellow balls. While the "TEST" balls didn't make the cut, the NXT TOUR S did. If Titleist does give us the Pro V's in Optic Yellow, I will certainly try them.

You can certainly correct me, but as a woman golfer I prefer not to use pink balls.   I don;t think the men players take me seriously if I were to play with pink balls.   I can say, when practicing chipping and putting, I have yet to have anyone "mistake" my  balls for theirs and put them in their bag.  That's the only reason I have some pink balls.

I think Titleist is an exceptional company to have amateurs try out their new product, would love to try some of these new optic yellow golf balls:) Happy Birthday to me tomorrow, going to pick up a new set up Titleist irons, now if I could only decide between the AP2's and the MB's-


Pink balls do not have the reflectivity of Optic Yellow. I use them because I can see them better. You should use what ever ball suits you not what your gender suggests.
BTW: I play golf with a woman who consistently out drives me. She uses white Pro V 1.

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Titleist needs to do it.  The optic yellow Pro-Vs would fly off the shelves!!!  People are finally accepting the fact that they are indeed easier to see.  Titleist, please reward those of us who appreciate the performance of the Pro-V/ProV-1x, as well as the visual boost that optic yellow provides!  Reward the Titleist faithful, by offering both options, just like srxn does.

P.S. - I recently moved, and my town home was turned into a condo rental.  I'm afraid a sleeve of new Titleist ProV1x test balls is just sitting in the mail box untouched!  Is it too late to request a new test ball sleeve at my new address?

Good news, Jacob!  Or, at least not horrible...

They are seeding the 2014 balls that could be DT Solo through NXT Tour. If they sent you test balls, they weren't ProVs.  Just make sure your profile is up to date by the end of August next year for a chance at the 2015 ProVs.  Titleist is on a 2 year cycle with their products. 

Sounds like a good enough reason for me!

I would sure like to see prov 1's in yellow at least for a trial period.  I have type 2 Diabetes and as I get onlder it is more difficult to see the white balls on a clear bright day.  I have played pro v 1's for years and will not switch balls for a yellow one of any other type.  I would however like to see my ball when I hit it.


thanks for the time.

I too would jump all over a yellow Pro V in a heart beat.  Just think of all that prefer to play a yellow ball, but want to play a Pro V, but since they don't come in yellow they just continue to play a competitors ball.

Hittem well all,

Hazen in Michigan.

Still waiting. I tried all the Optic Yellow balls available at Golf Tech and Titleist NXT S won out for distance. Included in the test was a sleeve of Optic Yellow balls that Titleist supplied (no markings). I would still like to see Titleist take the step to offer their very popular Pro v in Optic Yellow. Think adding this option as plus for their profits.

David in Metairie

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In betting Titleist not making the Pro V in Optic yellow has everything to do with the chemical composition of the current Pro V cover To alert the cover to do an optic yellow would change the wedge-range spin. Research at Golf digest shows the driver spin off the NXT Tour S Is very close to the Pro V's but wedge spin, at least for the pre 2014 model is notably less. Titleist sent me some TEST balls in the Optic yellow probably because I have been using the yellow NXTTS since they came out. The test balls out performed the originals and are much closer to the feel and performance of the PRO V1 giving me one-hop-stop and a couple of nice back-ups. V1 or the new NXTTS Yellow work fine for my unsophisticated game. In fact, I like the distinctive click I get from the Optic and it is much easier to see in deep grass and bushes...

The NXT balls are not urethane, so I expect some wedge spin differences.  There are more articles indicating that the NXT Tour is the non-urethane Pro-V1x and the Tour-S is the equivalent Pro-V1.  My preferences are Pro-V1x and NXT-Tour.  I purchased a Loyalty package of Pro-V1x and still list NXT Tour on my profile.  I have other (optic) balls I prefer over NXT Tour-S.  Even if they only added an NXT Tour, I'd be ok not using the brand X optic.  They are in the same price range, so it really is choice and not money as to why I buy the other. Not that I wouldn't prefer an optic Pro-V1x....  But I just can't use a white ball on a cloudy day and see where it went with anything longer than a 6 iron.

Good info. Still waiting for the Optic Yellow Pro V1's. I'm sure Titleist has reasons for not producing them.

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