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David U

Come on Titleist! When will you have Pro V's in optic yellow?? The only one so far is the Tour S. People from the next fairway have commented on how well they can see my ball!! srxn is doing the advertising. All you have to do is produce it!

PS: Broke 90 with my 910d2, 910f, 910h, AP2's and Vokey wedges (esp my 64degree!).

Don O

Dave U

Congratulations on the under 90.   

Keep those cards and letters coming in - Titleist listens to TT members as well as other focus groups.  Maybe those of us that can't follow white balls (especiallly on cloudy days) can get some respect...

Titleist owns the premium ball market.  Would an optic be seen by a very large market as a gimmick or a logical product extension?  Other premium class balls can't jeopardize marketshare they don't have, so they can take risks.  My take..to my dismay..



Greg F

David, There was discussion about High Optic Yellow balls around three weeks ago. A number of us were in favor of them. If Titleist did a limited run like the current Pro V-1 with the pink markings I am sure they could get a good feel for the potential sales. I would by them, could have used them yesterday. Glad you broke 90, I remember how good that felt.

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

Not sure if they'll make one. There's just not that big of a market for them, compared to the regular (white) Pro V's. 

Titleist does listen to what we say on here, so, I'm sure they read your post. Never know though. They may do a special run of them or something. 

Fred C

Pink balls are appreciated by many women and the yellow/orange balls are appreciated by those of us that don't see as well as we used to. Still, how many of those groups play ProV1 or ProV1x balls? If the numbers are there, Titleist will make it.

David U

Since there is no Optic yellow Pro-v available, it would be hard to calculate the market. I would suggest Titleist look at the competitive sales of optic yellow balls. I'm sure the market for optic yellow tennis balls was non-existent at some point.

David U

Tennis balls were all white as some point. I and I'm sure many others would like the option of buying the best ball available in Optic Yellow.

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David U

Great idea but not sure about the pink markings. My tennis balls look great with black markings.

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David U

Tennis balls were all white as some point. The switch to optic yellow was based on visibility!  

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Don O

My wife started last year, so I got her a pink ball box - now this is a gimmick.  There is another company with a whole rainbow of colors.  Titleist can avoid that. 

A pink ball near dusk in leaves or deep rough is about impossible to see.  I got her ProV1s with the pink lettering to wean her off of those.  First Tee is going to get all the full 3 packs remaining of pink balls.  I don't need an orange ball for playing in snow, but yellow really helps me follow it, especially on cloudy days.

A special run, even if they let the orders accumulate for 2-3 months over the winter and ship in March, I'd sign up for (3 for) 4 dozen as an occassional deal.

Mark B

I play the NXT tour ball, it would be great in Orange, here in Western Washington it is cloudy most days and I can see the orange ball in flight and on the ground, Yellow is OK but Orange is better. The NXT tour only comes in White, I can't see it when it is up in the clouds, the plus side is it hits so nice I know where to look for it on the fairway.

Tanner T

Congrats on breaking 90! I believe that a lot of us have been waiting for a yellow pro v1, and Titleist is good about listening to its TT members so I'm thinking that they should be working on one now and it should be on shelves soon. At least I'm hoping!

David U

I just finished a fitting session with Jame Leitz that he used a Trackman to optimize my 910 D2. It seems spin is the key to getting more length and he adjusted to give me another 20 yards landing. Overall length varies with current conditions. Now for those Optic Yellow high spin Pro Vx!!
David U

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Ron S

The ball that works best for me is NXT Tour. Now, if we can get those in High-Optic Yellow that would be GREAT!!!

I understand they might not want to do the ProV1's or ProV1X's but, at least do the NXT Tour! Then I could sleep better!!! : )


Looking forward to getting the new 714 AP1's later this year!!! Can't wait!

David U

Will try the Tour NXT when it comes in Optic Yellow. The pro shops don't want to carry more inventory so Titleist should have a Pro V and the NXT in Optic Yellow to minimize inventory impact.