Optic Yellow

Good info.

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David U

Will try the Tour NXT when it comes in Optic Yellow. The pro shops don't want to carry more inventory so Titleist should have a Pro V and the NXT in Optic Yellow to minimize inventory impact.

I definitely would like to see a Change in color of the balls. Change things up

I would like to see it as well.  I buy the NXT Tour S or bstone 300 - RX for the Yellow.   I see it better.

Just piling on in case Titleist is counting.  I want to play Pro V1x.  It is best for my game.  However, tend to choose srxn Z-Star simply for the optic yellow.  I just can't see white balls that well anymore in flight and it much easier to locate them on the ground.  Would love to see a market test of yellow in the premium line.

Hope Titleist is listening!

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Friend of mine one fairway over noticed how visible my Optic Yellow ball was!

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Tennis balls were white years ago!

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