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John H

I'm a 22 handicap, i was wondering if the pro v1x will help my game?

Noah B

This depends on if you would benefit more from a short or long game. If short game is your answer than yes. Hope this helps!

Capt. Hook

John H

I'm a 22 handicap, i was wondering if the pro v1x will help my game?

Probably not. You are more suited for the DT Solo/Velocity range or the NXT series. You don't yet have the skill around the green and on approach shots to take advantage of the high spin urethane cover and at $4 a ball you might get discouraged when they hit the aqua as is often the case with players shooting in the high 90's. The high spin could also hurt you off the driver. However if you are wealthy and money means little to you then yes, buy them by the case and have at it it - otherwise you are better off spending the difference on lessons and rangetime... keep practicing and get lessons rather than Pro-V's. The other Titleist balls are really great to play with especially at your level.

Jack L

The type of ball you may use during a round of golf truly depends on your swing speed.  The higher your swing speed the better you can compress the ball.  A better understanding of your swing speed would be needed to make this decision.  Pro V1x is the ball that needs the most compression to get good distance (90mph+) where as the DT SoLo can take a slow swing speed (less than 80mph) and still get good distance.

Don O

Highly likely, but it also depends on your game. If you take the Titleist ball comparison test, starting at the green and working your way back to the tee, you can see what parts of your game it may help.  The online test may help you by giving you 2 balls to start with for a comparison.  Part of it depends on your misses.  Pro-V1x will help wiht distance with less driver spin that may help with driver.   If you use a lower price 2 piece ball and have a tendency to roll through a green, it can help again with better stopping power.  Shanks and excess side spin will need swing therapy.

Craig P

Dah, I am a 20 handicap(72 years young) and I have tried all the Titleist balls. Pre 2014 I liked the NXT Tour S, this year I tried the NXT Tour. I feel I get a little more distance with a slight softer feel than pre 2014. About the same response as the ProV1 for less $'s. 

Chris T

Go to golf balls and click the Golf Ball Fitting link (learn more). Its pretty cool

Team Titleist Staff

Rick V

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the post. I just wanted to jump in here and help add a little more perspective. One thing to keep in mind is that ball fitting for a certain swing speed is a myth.

When you're out on a golf course you are playing a wide variety of golf shots during the round. Since a golf ball only reacts to the force being applied, different shots require different swing speeds in order to execute them properly. Keeping this in mind, a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots, otherwise it won't perform for any golfer.

Here’s a link to a previous thread in which we expand on the principles (which we've developed through years of golf ball research and testing with players of all abilities) that serve as the foundation for Titleist’s golf ball fitting methodology.

The process we’ve developed has one objective - to determine the golf ball model that helps you to shoot the lowest scores possible.  It considers all the shots in your game, not just one, and identifies the overall best-performing golf ball for your particular game.

Please give it a try. Let us know if you agree and please also check out these helpful links:

Golf Ball Fitting:

Online Golf Ball Selection Tool:

Hope this helps!

Jeff P

Capt. Hook,
How do you know that John's game is better suited for DT Solos vs ProVs? Perhaps his handicap is a result of not holding the greens? It's possible that better feel and spin is exactly what John needs to shave a few strokes of of his game.

The only way to really find out which one makes the biggest impact on your game is to play a round with the ProV (or any ball). Additionally it's helpful to do side-by-side comparisons during a practice round. That way you can clearly see which ball type works best for your game.

John H

My chipping and putting is pretty good. I usullay either  miss the fairway with my drive and end up in trees, or i miss hit a approach shot from the middle of fairway.

John H

im pretty good at chipping and putting. usually my approach shots miss the green where i have to chip, hitting the long drive is not a issue its usually trying to keep it in the fairway, when i miss a fairway its not by much maby a couple of feet up to a yard off. 

John H

Thanks everyone. I did the ball fitting link it recomended the pro v1x or the nxt tour. I was given a box of pro v1x's as a gift the other day so i'll try them first. just to let everyone know i'm a pretty good at chipping and putting, my issue is missing fairway by about a yard or so and hitting approach shots from rough, or sometime i hit a perfect drive and miss hit the approach. my swing speed is 102 mph my average drive is 270-290, and i can hit a 9 iron 160. my clubs are all miz jpx 800 series.

Craig P

Same test results I got. Buy a sleeve of NXT Tour and compare them along with the ProV1's

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John L

the answer to your question is yes. But the ball can't fix your game all it can do is help with giving you a consistant results. if you swing the same swing over and over that ball will react the same every time. its when you play a dt solo then a valocity then an nxt and so on. if you dont play the same ball constantly you will get diffrent might get more roll out or won't be able to get a ball to check up. its just a thing where not playing the same ball consitantly will cause you to try and do diffrent things  with your swing when it all could have just been the wrong ball.

cheers greens and fairways to all