Which Titleist for the wedding party?

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james o

My little brother is getting married in November and we are having a par 3 tournament the morning of the wedding. There will be about 20 of us but only about five serious golfers. I wanted to get some customized balls for the occasion, I'm not sure what will be a great all-purpose ball for the beginners to knock around the part three course. Any suggestions?


Well if you give everyone a sleeve to play and one to take home id give ProV1 or ProV1X for the serious guys and NXT for the others... Cant go wrong

fred k


your brother only gets married once (hopefully!).  do it up in style with the v1.

congrats to your brother and family!

- fred


Hi James,

I's stay away from the urethane covered pro v1 and x's. For one, the urethane will get more yellow when exposed to sunlight should anyone keep it as a display ball. Also, the serious players might just end up gaming them and eventually lose or break them instead of holding onto them for a keepsake.

I'd also avoid DT solos as those are the most economical(cheap) option and would reflect poorly on the party. It also has "Solo" in the name, and you dont want to jinx the marriage.

I'd go with the NXT tour as it has a durable cover that wont yellow, is mid ranged in price, has in in offensive name, and still has great performance that the golfers can appreciate.

You could even go with the Velocity. Durable, minimal control, goes on forever... like a marriage.    Ba Dum Tss!!!

Congrats to your brother.

Christopher H.

I would go with the NXT or DT Solo for the beginners and for the 5 serious golfers i would get the ProV1s or 1x... :)  

Have a great time!!!


congrats to your bother and go all out and go with v1.
Have an awsome time!

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clayton t

hi james best wishes to your brother and his bride to be. with that said lets get down to business and you have not got balls yet 

out of the other 15 how many has played golf before and how often?

is the par 3 course a regular 18 hole par 3 course with hazzards?  if out the 15 not many has played golf much and there is a chance of hookers and slicers which would mean lost balls......... 

how ever if the par3  course is rather simple maybe DT Solo or maybe NXT Tour or 

Velocity would be fine 

how many of these men will be in the wedding and play golf regular? if your brother wants to get the golfers that are in the wedding a gift for being in the wedding he could have few dozen Pro V1 or Pro V 1x  not only because they are the best balls in the world, because the gold and silver boxes they come in. The gold or silver boxes would stand for the ring that he will give his bride he can give each man a sleeve before the wedding thanking them for being in it 

Thomas A

Go big and get ProV1s. Even beginners can appreciate the quality. They are the only ball I want to receive as a gift!

Matt E

Thomas A
Go big and get ProV1s. Even beginners can appreciate the quality. They are the only ball I want to receive as a gift!

My thoughts exactly!  Anytime someone gives me personalized balls if they are not "Pro V's" they get tossed right into the shag bag.  I'm not going to play a ball just because it was a gift if it is not the level of ball I play.  Spend the extra money so you don't have to hear the grumbling about why one guy got Pro V's over another guy.  Some of the guys might not want to spend the money for them but they know quality and will appreciate the gift that much more!  Make sure to post a pic of what they look like!

mark w

Prov1s! Even the guys with high handicaps can appreciate the gesture.

Tom P

Keep it simple.  Plus you don't want to be perceived as cheap.   Therefore, give every participant a sleeve of ProV1's.   It's your brother's wedding for crying out loud!   Everyone will remember the nice gesture, especially your new sister-in-law.   

james o

Thanks so much to everyone for your replies, I think I'm in ago with A few dozen of the pro V ones and a few dozen of the NXT's.  Hopefully we have good weather on November 5th!!!!  I'll post a few pictures after the blessed event.