Titleist club verification

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I've sent emails to Titleist customer service but did not get a reply back.  I'm interested in sending in my clubs to Titleist to verify if they are authentic.  I recently purchased a set of AP2 712's from Ebay...yeah I know "cardinal sin", and it did not have a security sticker on the 6 iron.  Since it was a custom set, there are serial numbers on all the hosels and when I checked with Titleist, they told me that when they left Titleist it came with a different shaft.  I've have also tried to do a side to side comparison with genuine clubs from GG and they look the same.  Lastly,  does the paint-fill come off easily on these clubs, cause I noticed on the 8 iron the paint-fill on the hosel "712"  the 2 is rubbed off or missing.  Possible that the factory missed one?

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