909D3 versus 910 or 913 D3

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roger p

I currently play a 909D3 with a Diamana Blue 65 gram stiff shaft.  The loft of the club is 9.5 degrees.  Other than the adjustability of the 910 and 913 D3 with a comparable shaft, what is the difference between the 909 and the 910/913.  I really like the 909, but would consider a change if it were warranted.  Thanks.


Roger Parker

roger p

Thanks for the answer to my question.

Cameron D replied to Re: 909D3 versus 910 or 913 D3 in Golf Clubs.
The 910 and 913 had a few differences that allows them to out perform the 909.  The crown of the driver is 17% thinner, allowing for higher ball speeds and club head speeds.  The insert in the 913 has also been redesigned to be lighter and thinner, allowing for an average of 11% faster ball speeds across the whole face.  This allows for more distance off your toe and heel miss hits.  The CG has also been moved lower, allowing for lower spin and improved launch conditions.  
The 910D2 and D3 had offered two different ball flights.  The 910D2 launched the ball slightly higher and spun the ball slighty more then the 910D3.  In the new 913 models, the 913D2 and 913D3 both launch and spin the ball the same.  The major difference being that the 913D2 will be more forgiving, and the 913D3 will be more workable.