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Jerome M

Received 913 D3 driver as a gift with the Diamana stiff 62 shaft - too loose for me.  Switched to the 72 stiff shaft and I really like the flex, balance, etc.  I can work it both ways.  So I bought the 913f 15.0 fairway wood with the 72 shaft...feels like a telephone pole.  Suggestions?

FYI...Swing speed is probably 115-120 (Can't say for sure because it has been a while since tested.), but I carry the driver about 270-280 yds, yielding 300-320 yd drives.  

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Jerome M


Thanks for the reply.

It used to be so easy - S300 in the persimmon driver.  BTW, I feel as if I hit the 913D3 and 913f clubs about 10 yards further than my previous woods, so thank you Titleist...I think.  

I did a little research.   The original driver shaft was the S+ 62.  It was too whippy - hooks.  I replaced it with the D+ 72 and it works great.  So when I bought the 15 degree with the 72, I thought I was fine, but it was the S+.  It felt like a telephone pole - heavy and too stiff.  The shop in town had a D+82 and offered to let me try it - still too heavy and stiff.  (My previous woods were the 2006 cleve Launchers with the 62g shaft.)  The shop then offered to take the original S+62 (from the driver), cut it down, and use it for the 15 degree.  Better, almost good, but still a hair too whippy.  FWIW, I think my driver swing speed is 115-120 range, but I have a very slow tempo swing, if this makes any difference for the shaft.  I carry the new 15 degree about 265-270 yds.  Next up is the hybrid, but I am waiting to solve the 15 degree shaft issue first.

Also, in the past I would try a club or two at a shop and the salesman would tell me at my swing speed I needed extra-stiff, but I always thought those shafts were too stiff for me, even though the "data" said to use the extra-stiff shaft.  This may be due to slow tempo.

Any suggestions?  Problem is that Titleist doesn't sell the fairway wood with a D+72, but I'm not sure if this would work anyway.
Thanks in advance.
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Depends on if you are playing the Diamana S+ or D+.  Assuming that you have the D+ white 72 which feels to stiff, I would consider the S+ Blue 72 in the fairway.  This will play slightly softer, but will promote a higher launch and a little more spin.  If you have the S+ Blue 72 already, then consider something even softer like the Bassara 55.  This will be lighter, softer, and will promote a high launch and high spin.  These would be the stock shaft recommendations.  There are plenty of custom options that you could consider as well.



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