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For this spring I want to perfect my short game. I will be working on my half swing shots and my feel around the greens. Need to learn to pitch and run shots instead of only lobes and flops. Need to take more practice swings and visualize the shots.

Sean O

I want to improve on consistency and staying focused throughout a round of golf. I am going to try to start shoot relative to par and maybe get a handicap of zero. 


fred k

considering we're expecting our first in march, i'm just hoping to play once or more a month :)



Aah, now here is something that I have a bit more experience in.

As a father of 3, I can't stress enough to not forget what you enjoy. Maintain a balance between home life, professional life and your life. To leave out any one of those, the others will suffer. Congratulations, and have fun.

Matt K

My goals are to be a scratch golfer right now I'm a 7. Break par Low round is a 77. Make varsity as a freshman I'm only in 8th grade and age 14. And try everyday to improve every aspect of my game

Eric B

I goal is to always improve, long irons and driving accuracy. Not to mention  to smile more.

Team Titleist, Eric B.
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Ron M.

Play more rounds this year....Was very busy with work last year and not complaining....Also be more consistent with long irons.

Dallin H

My main goal is to keep my ball out of the trees and water off the tee. I want to play at least once a week and improve my chipping and putting. Hopefully by doing all this I can stay below 90 on a consistent basis.

Lou G

Break 80 on a regulation course

Sub-par on an executive course (best is +1).

Get more consistent with the 21 hybrid and the 6 iron.  I do a choke shot on the 19F and the 27H for these distances.

Get more deadly at bunker shots and putts <10 ft.  OK but need to be better.

Increase the shot arsenal.

Joshua O

- Play my way to the US Open

- Win the Alaska State Am

- Get on USAF golf team

- Move to a state where I can play golf year around

- Win Local Championship


Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Great thread, guys.

This year, my goal is a little experiment when it comes to practicing. As we all know, short game is typically the key to lower scores. So, my plan is to focus a large majority (95%) of my practice time - whether it is at the range or on the course - on shots 100 yards and in.

I track all of my stats on My Game, so I'm really hoping to see the short game stats improve.

I'm hoping the experiment is a success... and I also think it would be interesting to see how this would work for more players.

So who's with me? We can track our progress, share some tips and keep each other on track...


I like that idea Mike!  I'm in

andy r

My seasons goal is to consistently break 80..........I have spent more time on my game from 100 yards and in than ever before.

Hopefully, with the help of the new Pro V line, I will see it pay off on the course.

Stephen F

i have been consistently hitting in the 70's even during the tough jersey winter.  my main goal is to shooting par and to play in a couple of amateur tournaments this year, and hopefully put my face on titleist

Steve H

I'm in Mike. I post on my game as well and it's always encouraging when you get the invest truth after posting. Thanks for the suggestion. 

Ron M.

I will join you Mike...It's going to be a while before I can post any score's...(Northeast)...but I will catch up with score's and stat's..You should start a new subject or section for this so we all can communicate together. Thanks Ron