Team Titleist Invitational Events: Help us pick the destinations!

Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Team Titleist,

We’ve got some exciting news – this year we are hosting a few Team Titleist Invitational golf events across the U.S. but before we make any plans, we need your help in picking the destinations.

That’s right, you guys get to decide.

Visit and cast a vote for your home state. You can vote once a day from now until June 21st, so keep coming back to help your state climb the leaderboard.

And don’t forget to share with your friends!

P.S. Each vote counts as an entry into a random drawing for a chance to win an invitation to the event as the local Team Titleist Invitational Ambassador if your home state is one of our final destinations.

Good luck!

Tyler H


Alright i'm going to quit voting Iowa and go to Minnesota! 

Mike, will take into consideration if Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin (for example) combined make top 5 it warrants a site??

I will join you Justin, just as long as I don't have to wear anything related to the Vikings!


greg p

Y'all in other states have no chance.  We know how to get out the vote here in Illinois.

Josh G

Yeah Mass represent!  If invited I'll travel though...  Just sayin


Since NJ isn't showing up on the radar.   I'm switching to Mass.   I hope I won't be sleepin' with the fish in the morning!

Scott N


Jerry Wood

No place like Massachusetts


New Jersey!

Chris P

That's Awesome....See y'all in Texas

James L


Joshua H

What better place than Carmel, CA.

Dr. Kovatchian

COME ON TEXAS!!!!! GET YOUR VOTE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My vote is New York State.

John S

Very awesome Mike! Look forward to joining Titleist here in Dallas.


Attention all Massachusetts TT members.

Get out and VOTE!