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This past weekend I finished my bag for the year, I purchased two 913 hybrids at GolfSmith.  During check out I realized Titleist is the only brand that either has no Military discount/rebate or allows stores that give one to give on Titleist products.  Any reason?


Eric B

Ditto: I was wondering why Titleist doesn't give the Golf shops or Stores discounts like the other golf manufactures do. They are the ones who usually have a Sale on very week? Titleist seem to have a Sale when the 
items are discontinue. 
Also, when stores have discount coupons, Titleist products are excluded. Just been notice over the years since I only been purchasing Titleist products except for apparels for the last ten years.

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Eric B.  
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This is a type of retail pricing protection policy that is a little stronger than a minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy. The idea is that a large mailorder company selling in large volume without much in the way of individual service is at no more of an advantage than your local mom and pop shop. This takes price out of the equation, and the sale is made through customer service.

Rick J

I agree, I called the company on the 800 number and asked the same question about Military Discount, and told them about the deal png give military. I never got an answer, other than we don't give discounts.


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Every Titleist Authorized Retailer is bound to the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. This being said, it is completely up to the retailer is they choose to give you an additional, NON-Advertised discount.

Your best bet is to go see your local PGA Professional that sells Titleist and see if he will help you out.....


I understand the pricing policy but png who has the strictest policy in the industry still finds away to provide a moderate discount to those who serve.  I know Titleist is loosing business because of the issue, one of my golf buddies was with me this past weekend looking for new clubs, came down to the AP1s and the png G25s.  He asked about Military discounts and once the salesman said none for Titleist everyone else he could do something he went with the pings.  The Military market in Virginia were I live is huge, to be honest I believe if Titleist even had some promotion for Military he would have gone with the AP1s.


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Steve H

19th hole is spot on.....I quit buying from all the brokerage houses and developed a lasting friendship with my local Titleist Professional.  I have ordered thousands of dollars in equipment, apparel, balls, etc. and have received better prices then the houses.  The beauty, it stays in my home town as well.  Shop and support your local PGA Golf won't be disappointed. 

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Thanks Steve! We local club professionals appreciate the support.

Kyle H

Hi, how do we find a local pga club professional to order clubs from them? Thanks!

Todd T

Rick is the man!