Whats the NEXT most important thing in your bag besides your clubs and golf balls?

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I would have to say it's my range finder, I have shaved 3-4 strokes off my game since getting one.

Connor I.

My golf tees LOL.

Eric B

I would agree, my Bushnell 1600 save me time in guessing the yardage.
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Lou G

Connor I.

My golf tees LOL.

"Anytime you get a chance, use a peg" (the King of Golf).  

Club Champion


For me it's the damp towel to clean the clubs and balls.  Have to keep the clubs clean.



The keys to my truck.

I hate having anything in my pockets while I am playing, so I empty them into the valuables pocket on my bag.


Playing wise, I'd have to say my range finder. I added it to my bag this fall, and it takes all the guess work out of it.

Andrew A

My hands sweat quite a bit so my Gorilla Gold Towels are huge!  They add the right amount of adhesiveness to my hands and glove to gain a secure feels in any weather.  A towel will last me 5-7 rounds.  So worth the 4 bucks!


Mike C

How about cocktails??  Just kidding!

Without a doubt it would be a range finder.  Really speeds up play when you can just pont and shoot a target to know the exact distance rather than stepping off from a marker in the fairway.


(On the course) my wallet, car keys, and cell phone.

(Off the course) my lucky ball marker.

Fred C

My wedge yardage sheet. Inside of 120 yards down to 15 yards, it's invaluable.

Quintin H

I have a GPS, the only time it has been useful is not on my home course and so far off line I can't judge by the on-course yardage markers.

The most important thing for me is the pocket full of ball mark repair tools. I keep forgetting to put my favorite in my pocket when I leave the house and I hate using a tee to fix ball marks. And sometimes my dresser gets piled up with ball mark repair tools and the bag pocket gets empty.


Range finder...most important (and most expensive) thing in my bag other than clubs.   My FootJoy rain pants and rain shirt run a close second.


Probably my GPS or my FJ jacket for those cool/rainy days

Christopher V

Vodka!  Jk

rangefinder for sure...big help for assured distances!