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Donald B

Hello Team Titleist.  I recently purchased the 14 way premium stand bag and have been gaming it the last few months.  I love the bag but wish there was a bit more more thought incorporated into the layout of the 14 way dividers in order to make club selection a bit more easy during the round.  I especially like the designated putter-well other manufacturers employ and designated slots for woods.  This may seem a little picky but I believe all things Titleist should be above the competition including their bags.  Thanks and hit 'em straight.

Eric B

I just purchase a stand bag a few weeks ago, I got my name embroidered on front pocket. Looks great! Light weight for carrying the clubs. 14 divider seem tight with 2 hybrids and 2 woods with their club cover.
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I agree Donald.  I love the way the Ogio bag is organized that my wife owns.  I have the 14 way Titleist bag from a few years ago but I LOVE the putter slot and the specific woods area too.  Really wish they thought about a better way to have the putter taken care of.  Scotty Cameron's are top quality and top cost.  To stick it near my wedges and irons at the bottom really bums me out.  Also at 34" my putter sinks down enough that the head cover gets smushed.  Anyone who owns a "few" Cameron covers knows this is LESS than desirable for long term look of the cover.

Hope the team the Accessories team sees this!  Would have to upgrade my bag if they did a better design.  Other than the dividers not being great the rest of the features are top notch.



I purchased a second 14 way walking bag this year and I am quite pleased with the layout.  It gives me the flexibility to place various clubs where ever I feel the need within the bag.  Sometimes I carry a longer putter (36 inches long), other times a mallet and thus it may fit better in a different spot.  While I can appreciate the need for some golfers to like putter and other club specific spots I do like the current format of the bags...sorry, just my two cents...regardless what Titleist does it is amazing bag and is one of the best I have ever used in years of carrying my clubs!

Dallin H

I just ordered a new Titleist ultra light carry bag...it should be here in the next few days. I can't wait to get in embroidered.

Brian D

I order the premium bag as well in preparation of the RI State AM July 9th - 13th, as we have to carry bags, no carts allowed in State AM events.  Hoping it will come in on time.

I request the Team Titliest logo on the ball pocket, very excited to see how it looks and will share some pics as soon as it arrives.