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Vokey Design SM5

More ways to shoot lower scores.

Precisely designed and manufactured using proprietary Spin Milled technology, Vokey SM5 wedges provide a distinct performance advantage through deeper TX3 grooves, tour-driven shapes and the industry’s most extensive range of bounce and grind options.

Available Lofts: 46° - 62° (RH/LH) | Complete Specs

MSRP: $145 (steel) | $170 (graphite)


Spin Milled Technology

Spin Milled Technology

Spin Milled technology with deeper TX3 grooves produce maximum spin with distance and trajectory control. TX3 grooves channel away grass and sand for improved contact between the ball and groove edge. Every Spin Milled 5 wedge face is milled to the tightest tolerance and 100% inspected.



For years, Bob Vokey has utilized Tour player input and feedback to develop high performance shapes and grinds. Spin Milled 5 features a compact, balanced shape with a shorter blade length and rounder toe profile.

Player Benefits

  • More spin with better trajectory and distance control from deeper TX3 grooves.
  • Increased groove durability from a high frequency face heat treatment for longer spin retention over the life of the wedge.
  • Tour proven bounce and sole grind options to fit your swing style, shot technique and course conditions.
  • Compact profile with a balanced shape, shorter blade length and rounder toe profile created from PGA Tour player feedback.
  • Clean looks with three finish options: Tour Chrome, Gold Nickel and Raw Black.
  • Advanced personalization and custom options including an industry leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, ferrules, stamping and paint fill.

Titleist Custom Golf Club Options

Titleist offers an extensive selection of shafts, grips, specifications and other customization options to help you perform to your potential.

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PITCHING 46.08 46° 64° F 35.75" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 48.08 48° 64° F 35.75" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH
GAP 50.08 50° 64° F 35.50" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 50.12 50° 64° F 35.50" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 52.08 52°64°  F 35.50" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 52.12 52° 64° F 35.50" D3 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH
SAND 54.10 54° 64° S 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 54.10 54° 64° M 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 54.14 54° 64° F 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 56.10 56° 64° S 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 56.10 56° 64° M 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 56.14 56° 64° F 35.25" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH
LOB 58.04 58° 64° L 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 58.07 58° 64° S 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 58.08 58° 64° M 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 58.11 58° 64° K35.00"  D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 60.04 60° 64° L 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 60.07 60° 64° S 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 60.08 60° 64° M 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 60.11 60° 64° K 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

 62.08 62° 64° T 35.00" D5 RH/LH RH/LH RH/LH

Stock Shaft & Grip

True Temper Dynamic Gold

True Temper Dynamic Gold

Flex: S200
Weight: 130g
Torque: 1.6°
Launch: Low

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