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Virtual Consultations

Titleist Virtual Consultations

Looking for the right equipment for your game, but not sure where to start? Schedule time with one of our experts to see which golf ball or clubs will perform best for you.

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Titleist Virtual Consultations are designed to provide our dedicated golfers with the opportunity to speak directly with a Titleist Product Expert to better understand how specific equipment can help unlock your best on-course performance. Consultations consist of a scheduled 1-on-1 Zoom call lasting 30 minutes, leading to specific recommendations for products to try, settings to adjust, or ways to approach your equipment setup.

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How it Works


Tell us a little bit about yourself when you book your appointment and we’ll match you with a Titleist Product Expert who understands your interests and needs.


Check your email and follow the instructions to prepare for your call. Jot down any questions or notes to get the most out of your conversation.


Our team is eager to provide you with a memorable experience while helping you find the right Titleist equipment for your game.


What should I expect?

Once you reserve your consultation you’ll receive a Zoom invite for your scheduled session. You will get an email outlining what to do next, including a few simple things you can do to prepare to get the most from your consultation. On the day, you’ll click the Zoom link and meet with your Titleist Product Expert for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll receive an email recapping the products and recommendations you discussed.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

Start by reading the confirmation email you’ll receive after booking. Then double-check the models of the current ball and clubs in your bag. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on the computer or device you intend to use. Finally, think about the questions you have – maybe even writing out a list so you don’t miss any.

What will we talk about?

The conversation will focus on the equipment you have and the equipment you may be considering. Your Titleist Product Expert will likely ask about things like current ball flight, distance control, playing style, common misses...all of the kinds of things you might discuss during a fitting to get a sense of your game.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Your Titleist Product Expert is the best person to ask any questions you have about Titleist equipment. They possess the knowledge to cover a wide range of topics, including:

Model Selection

Product Benefits

Settings & Adjustments

Yardage Gapping

Bag Composition

Ball & Club Fitting

Is this only for someone buying Titleist golf balls or clubs?

Absolutely not. You could be a current Titleist player, actively shopping, or someone who is just curious about what our newest products have to offer. Our goal is to provide you with an easy way to get expert answers to any questions you have about our products.

What products can I ask about?

Your Titleist Product Expert can answer questions about almost any ball or club that is in or should be in your bag. And if you’re playing something they aren’t familiar with then, odds are, you’re due for an upgrade.

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What Other Golfers Are Saying

"I confirmed my gamer by doing a live virtual golf ball fitting with a Titleist product expert. Completing the ball fitting gives me that much more confidence when I’m standing over the ball that it’s going to perform the best for me."
- Alex N.

"We discussed my game and what I need from the proper equipment. Although I have done my research over the years, my consultant pointed out a few new things to consider."
- Tom P.

"Had my virtual consultation and I can't express how informative this experience was. Not only did we zero in on the benefits of each ball based on the characteristics I was looking for, we expanded the conversation to bags, clubs, etc."
- Andrew A.

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