At our Golf Ball Fitting events, our dedicated team of golf ball fitters offer two levels of complimentary services:

Full TrackMan Launch Monitor Fitting

Golfers go through a comprehensive game assessment and hit Pro V1 golf balls to quantify their launch conditions. If you are interested in a Trackman Titleist Golf Ball Fitting please call the golf shop to schedule your fifteen-minute appointment. There are only 24 available times at each fitting event, and these appointments fill up quickly.

In-Depth Golf Ball Consultation

One of our golf ball fitters will assess a golfer’s game, discuss their performance needs and preferences, and provide them with information about the features and benefits of every golf ball in the Titleist line. No appointment is required for this service, so please feel free to walk up and find out what golf ball is best for your game.

Following both services, our fitters will provide each golfer with a golf ball recommendation and answer any additional questions the golfer may have. Every golfer is also given complimentary 2-ball packs of the recommended and alternative golf balls that the golfer should use to conduct a full on-course evaluation.

Upcoming Ball Fitting Events

We have three golf ball fitting teams that are always on the road conducting events. If you don't see an event near you and would like more information on when the vans will be in your area, please contact Titleist customer service at

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