Bob Vokey with Prom Meesawat

Posted: March 20, 2007

I worked with Prom Meesawat today. What a nice kid. He is a 22-year old from Thailand who finished 3rd on the 2006 Asian Tour Order of Merit in just his second full year as a professional. Keep an eye out for this guy. His nickname is the "Big Dolphin" for the combination of his burly physique and the fact that he grew up in a coastal town in Thailand. He won the SK Telecom Open in Korea last year for his first victory as a professional. I am confident that there will be more to come. It was good to see him because I don't get to work with many of the Asian Tour players on a regular basis. I had sent him a SM60 degree prototype about a month ago but he felt it had a little too much bounce, so he brought it with him and we ironed that out in the trailer. Prom has a naturally shallow swing, so the SM60 with a bounce that is effectively 5 degrees gives him the ability to slide the club underneath the ball for those delicate finesse shots around the green, as well as to hit full shots from a square position. I've built similar wedges for Tom Pernice and Adam Scott among others. I also made Prom replacement wedges for his 252.08, and 256.10 that he likes bent to 54 degrees that he can take back with him. He prefers the Black Nickel finish. -- Bob Vokey

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Robert Sellman

"Big Dolphin" has "Big" potential on the US Tour. What needs to happen for him to play on the US Tour. Is he a Titleist Ambassador?

Robert Sellman

Prom is a Titleist Ambassador. He is subject to the same regulations as anyone else wanting to qualify for the US PGA Tour, which can be viewed under <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">question #4 on the FAQ page at</a>.