One of the things that Steve Mata and I have been working with Tom on is a new driver. He's been hitting a Titleist 907 prototype driver and having difficulty drawing the ball in a left to right wind. I just built him a driver whose head design will allow him to spin the ball more so he can work it left and right. We're also increasing the loft by a 1/2 degree from his prototype. He hit two different lofted 907D2 drivers; an 8.5° and 9.5° both with a 45" Graphite Design YS Power 65x shaft. The 9.5° driver's ball flight was a bit too high for Tom. Tom was hitting the 8.5° great on the range and is now going to take it out on the course and give it a test drive. Tom is one of the lowest maintenance players we work with so once he gets comfortable with his new driver or any new equipment, he won't make too many changes. Like most good players, he sticks with products that give him confidence. -- Rick Nelson