I had a good chat with Zach Johnson and his caddie when we were at Doral a couple of weeks ago. Zach was looking to tweak his wedges a little bit in preparation for the Masters, especially his 60°. He is going to experience a lot of tight lies and fast greens at Augusta National, so he was looking for a lob wedge with a little less trailing edge and a little less bounce that he could more easily slide underneath the ball. I also made him a couple Spin Milled backups for all his wedges and sent them to his home so he could practice with them during his off week. His current wedges were getting worn and he wanted a little more bite this week. Zach had a Top 10 finish at Doral. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get another one at Augusta. -- The Voke

Voke and Zach.

Discussing Zach's lob wedge in preparation for Augusta.

Zach setting up to hit some wedge shots.

Zach's practice on the range at Doral led to a Top 10 finish.