We've been working with Ben Curtis again this week at the Verizon Heritage Classic. Harbour Town Golf Links, the site of this week's tournament, is one of the shortest courses on Tour, but one that requires the players to hit a variety of shots. Ben is looking for some more versatility with his long game clubs for Harbour Town, so we're getting him set up with a 19° 585.H utility and a 695CB 3-iron. Both clubs will feature the same True Temper Dynamic Gold S-400 shafts that Ben uses in all of his irons. Ben tells us that the 585.H allows him to control his ball flight more easily, giving him the ability to hit both high and low shots as necessary. Likewise, the 695CB 3-iron gives him a more consistent ball flight that is suited for Harbour Town. -- Steven Felix Mata

Ben on the range at Harbour Town.

A close-up of Ben's bag (taken before he got his new 19° 585.H and 695CB 3-iron).

A close-up of Ben's custom Cameron & Co. putter.