Busy Week at the Titleist Test Facility

Posted: June 17, 2008

With the U.S. Open having been contested at Torrey Pines Golf Course in nearby San Diego, many of our Titleist ambassadors utilized our test facility in Oceanside to get ready for the championship. Practicing at the test facility allowed the players to work with both our Tour reps and the club fitters at Oceanside to ensure that all of their clubs were dialed in. Besides that, it was also a nice place to get away from all of the activity that takes place on the range at a major championship. We also had some of the players test prototype drivers that we have in development. No word yet on when these clubs will be available in golf shops. Be sure to check out the photo gallery featuring players at the test facility.

Titleist ambassador Zach Johnson discusses Titleist drivers with Larry Bobka from the Titleist Tour Promotions team.

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Robert Sellman

In general, how did their numbers with the new drivers compare to their current gamers? Also, I noticed the all white mesh hats (and a blue one on DLIII), when will those be available to the public?

Thanks again for all you do.


Robert Sellman

Generally, ball speeds were up and spin rates were down. Initial feedback from the players was very positive, although most did not game the new drivers right away as they were preparing for a major championship.

The all white mesh caps (Style #AF8-13) are in golf shops now. Davis' navy blue cap is a Tour-only offering at this point.  The new logo treatment with ProV1 on the left side is a rolling change to the line. These should be appearing in golf shops soon.

Robert Sellman

Thank you for the preview of the new drivers.  When can we expect to find out more about them?

Keep up the good work


Robert Sellman

What's the next step for the prototype drivers?  Are they in the Tour validation stage?  Ultimately, do you foresee these drivers making it to golf shops?

Why does Titleist not trumpet the fact that the winner of the US Open uses a Titleist putter?

Robert Sellman

The drivers are currently in the Tour validation stage. We're not ready to comment further at this point.

Please see <a href="http://www.scottycameron.com" rel="nofollow">ScottyCameron.com</a> with regard to your last question.

Robert Sellman

Updates will be available here and through <a href="http://www.titleist.com" rel="nofollow">Titleist.com</a> throughout the development cycle.

Robert Sellman

I was a little curious as to the possibility of the AP2 2-iron being available in golf shops?  I know that there has been testing but hadn't seen any updates on the possible release.



Robert Sellman

Good work on the drivers... Looking good, saw some pictures of Titleist staff bags during the Open and the headcover looks pretty flashy too. Any more word on the AP2 being released in 2-iron model? As of a month ago you guys said it was still being considered. Have there been any recent updates you can share? And, regarding the A-flex cap with the Pro V1 logo, would you care to be a little more precise with the term "shortly?" Been hearing that on this site for a while now.

Thanks guys, keep up the work on the fantastic site.

Robert Sellman

When I click on the link photo gallery only the picture that is showing pops up. Is that the only photo or is there more?

Robert Sellman

There are 32 images in this photo gallery.  Ensure that you allow the page to fully load before clicking on the photo gallery link and that your browser and plug-ins are up to date.