Davis Love IIIDavis Love III's golf equipment is similar to the man himself, in that "what you see is what you get." He doesn't have the club builders do a lot of custom grinding, nor are his specs far from standard; his bag is pretty plain vanilla.

His driver is the new 909D3, 8.5°. It contains a UST Proforce V2 76g shaft in an X flex, and the finished length is 45" with a swingweight of D-5. Not surprisingly, his F3•05 (13°) and 906F3 (18°) prototype fairways are similar, both with UST Proforce V2 86g shafts in X flex and D-5 swingweights.

Sometimes Davis replaces the 18° fairway with a 2-iron depending on course set up and conditions. That 2-iron matches the rest of his 680 forged iron set (3-9). The heads are standard, the shafts are Dynamic Gold X-100s. The length is 1/4" longer than standard and all the lies are 1° flat.

DL3 carries 3 Vokey Design wedges. His pitching wedge is a 250-08 in tour chrome and like all three of his wedges, has a Dynamic Gold X-100 shaft cut to 1/2" over standard. Davis' sand wedge is a bit customized in that he started with a raw finish Vokey 456-10 and had it bent to 55° of loft and 9° of bounce. His lob wedges is a 60° with a standard E grind and raw finish.

True to his Tarheel roots, all of Davis Love's clubs have "Carolina Blue" Golf Pride New Decade grips, 60 Round put on upside down (logo underneath).