Titleist Brand Ambassador Zach Johnson and his 909D2 driver. Titleist Brand Ambassador Zach Johnson was fit recently for his 909 driver by Titleist PGA Tour Representative Fordie Pitts. Having three driver models with unique performance characteristics allowed Zach to dramatically increase his driver performance. "Our goal during Zach's fitting was to increase launch and reduce spin while meeting his preferred look, feel, and ball flight preferences," said Fordie. "Zach is a player who's swing produces a fairly steep angle of attack. This condition with a driver will typically produce low launch and high spin launch conditions - the most difficult conditions to fit. If you increase launch with loft you will typically increase spin resulting in a loss of distance. The great news with Zach is that we were able increase his launch and reduce his spin. This was due to Zach shallowing his angle of attack and the lower and deeper CG location of the 909D2." Zach notes, "I'm very pleased with the performance, great looks and outstanding feel of my new 909D2. At the Valero Texas Open, I really noticed the 909D2 increased my launch angle and decreased my spin and helped guide me to victory." See a summary of Zach's before and after launch conditions below:

Model 909D2 905R
Loft 8.5° 8.5°
Shaft Diamana Blue 73 Diamana White 73
Flex X X
Ball Speed 160 mph 160 mph
Launch 12.3° 9.5°
Spin 2550 rpm 3624 rpm