Truly a Fitting Achievement

Posted: December 9, 2009

Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott has experienced a return to form of late with four top-ten finishes in his last four events, including a victory at last week's Australian Open Championship. Coinciding with this torrid stretch is an equipment tweak Adam recently made to his iron set. Titleist Tour Representative Rick Nelson shares the story.

"At the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational earlier this year, Adam was introduced to the new MB irons and made the switch instantly. The set we built for him were to his existing specs and included Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts.

"Adam has always been a low spin player, and long irons and partial-shot short irons sometimes fall out of the air and come up short. This was notably evident after the switch from his previous AP2s to the MBs. Adam likes the classic forged blade looks and increased workability of the MBs, though, so we built him an additional set with KBS Tour shafts to try out following the Presidents Cup.

"While experimenting at home in Australia, he felt that the MBs with the KBS Tour shafts stayed in the air much better and, with the added spin, were easier to work and shape a variety of shots."

Since making the switch in tournament play at the Barclays Singapore Open, Adam has finished T-3rd, T-6th, T-7th and 1st.

"The new shafts are giving me a much higher ball flight with more spin, which equates to more control," said Adam. "They also have a nice feel right through the shaft into the hands. And the MBs are very traditional-looking blades, which is what I grew up playing. I love the looks, the feel, and the feedback they provide when hitting shots."

For more on Adam Scott and the Titleist equipment in his bag, please visit his player page on To find a Titleist golf club fitter near you, use Find a Fitter at

Adam Scott
Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott in action at the 2009 Australian Open.

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Robert Sellman

Could you please tell me the specs of the shafts?

Robert Sellman


Adam's shafts are X-flex and standard length.  For more information on the shafts, please see our <a href=" rel="nofollow">shaft listings page on</a> or <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

Robert Sellman

Could you tell me what the swingweight of his irons is with the KBS shaft?  Thank you

Robert Sellman


Adam's irons are built to D3 swingweights.

Robert Sellman

What kind of shafts does Adam use with his wedges?  Has he made the switch to KBS?

Also, does he still use the Vokey 200 Series pitching wedge?

Robert Sellman


Adam is using Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord with two extra wraps of tape on his irons.

Robert Sellman

What kind of grips is Adam using, and with what wraps?

Robert Sellman


Adam is still using the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts in his wedges, and he did compete in the Australian Open with his 200 Series pitching wedge.

Robert Sellman

With the groove changes taking effect next month, I believe the 200 Series wedges will no longer conform. Will there be a conforming version coming out, or will the 200 Series just be discontinued? They do still seem to be very popular with the touring pros as a pitching wedge.


Robert Sellman


You are correct that the production version 200 Series wedges will not conform to the new groove regulations being implemented as a Condition of Competition on the professional tours in 2010.  We have made Tour-only prototype 200 Series wedges that feature the new Spin Milled C-C groove profile, but these wedges are unlikely to be released as a production model. We actually haven't been manufacturing 200 Series wedges since we introduced the second generation Spin Milled wedges that feature lofts from 48° to 64°, though some 200 Series wedges can still be found in golf shops.