Michael Sim Tunes Up for 2010 at Acushnet Test Facility

Posted: January 29, 2010

Much like countryman Marc Leishman, Titleist Brand Ambassador Michael Sim also spent a portion of his practice days for the Farmers Insurance Open visiting the various Titleist facilities near Torrey Pines Golf Course to help him prepare for his 2010 PGA Tour season. Michael hopes to continue the strong form that saw him capture the 2009 money title/Order of Merit on both the Nationwide Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia, Player of the Year honors on the Nationwide Tour, a "battlefield promotion" to the PGA Tour courtesy of three wins on the Nationwide Tour, and a spot in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings.

Michael worked with Titleist fitters at the Acushnet Test Facility on Wednesday to help with a wedge gap fitting as well as a 2-iron replacement. He told his fitter that there was too much of a yardage gap between his AP2 9-iron (+1/4" and 43° loft) and Spin Milled C-C 248.06 (standard length and bent to 47° loft). After testing several pitching wedge variations on the launch monitor, Michael was fit into a Spin Milled C-C 248.10 at +1/4" and standard loft. His yardage gap between the two clubs was reduced from 18 yards to 12.

Making his return to the States from playing back home in Australia, Michael was also looking for a club to replace the 695CB 2-iron he had been gaming. Michael told his fitter that the 2-iron was a good club in Australia, but not as good on the PGA Tour due to the low trajectory and shallow landing angle. He prefers the look of irons rather than hybrids at address, though, so the team built him an older Tour Prototype 503i with a Project X 6.5 shaft that matches his irons. After a few shots on the launch monitor with the new utility iron, it went straight in the bag for this week's event.

Michael's final stop before heading back to Torrey Pines for the tournament was at the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio. Here's what he had to say about the visit after his round Friday:

"I've been rolling the putter tremendously the last two days. I went to the Scotty Cameron studio on Wednesday afternoon and had a look at my putting stroke with Paul Vizanko, and it wasn't as good as what it was last year when I went in there, and managed to correct that in probably 20 minutes. Yeah, just rolled the ball pure the last two days, and even with the greens a little bit bumpy with the Poa and the amount of rain they've had, it didn't really affect my ball. I've probably got to thank him a lot for that."

Despite a rough start on Thursday (4-over through three holes), the preparation seems to have Michael on form once again. He finished Thursday's round on the difficult South Course strong to get back to 1-over 73, and after a sizzling 10-under 62 on the North Course on Friday, he finds himself only two shots back heading into the weekend.

What's in Michael Sim's bag this week at the Farmers Insurance Open:
Ball: Pro V1x
Driver: 905R (8.5°, Mitsubishi Diamana White 83X)
Fairway: 909F2 (13.5°, Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 93X)
Utility: Tour Prototype 503i (19°, True Temper Project X 6.5)
Irons: AP2 (3-9, True Temper Project X 6.5)
Wedges: Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C 248.10, Spin Milled C-C Prototype 54.12, Spin Milled C-C 60-T (all wedges with True Temper Project X 6.5)
Putter: Scotty Cameron Tour Newport Squareback

Titleist Brand Ambassador Michael Sim preparing
for his first start of the 2010 PGA Tour season.

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Robert Sellman

Great information guys!  Looking for a break out year from Sim in 2010.  I'm very jealous that he has a 503i, I'm still gaming my 503H 22 degree hybrid.  Any thoughts of coming out with an updated "iron like" hybrid?

Robert Sellman

Are there plans to release the 503i?

Robert Sellman

hi there,

just wanted to find out if anyone new what the stock swing weight is for the 909D2 and the 909F3. Thanks

Robert Sellman


Thanks for the feedback. Nothing along those lines in the works currently.

Robert Sellman


At standard length with a stock shaft, the target swingweight for both the 909D2 and 909F3 is D2.

Robert Sellman


The 503i is a prototype that is several years old now with no plans for wide release.

Robert Sellman

Could you explain why he hit a 48* PW 6 yards further than a 47* PW?  That makes no sense.

Robert Sellman

The Pro V1x has been my preferred ball since it was introduced . I recently went on a golf trip to AZ and decided to purchase a dozen of the Pro V1 balls for the trip. I play some of the same courses and I wanted to test the ball against the distance of the Pro V1x. What is going on in MA? The Pro V1 was longer with a better trajectory. Is that suppose to happen? I expected better control around the greens and I was not disappointed but, at 59 years I am not suppose to be longer.

I noticed that in Michael Sim's visit to Titleist he plays the Pro V1x. Does he want distance or control? In your tests is the Pro V1x the longer of the two? Our tournament season starts in 90 days and I can't wait.


Robert Sellman

Any Plans to release the hat Michael Sim was wearing at the Farmers Open. It looks like the hat is polyester not cotton with all logos. Thanks

Robert Sellman


No plans at this point.  The T-Tech Performance fitted hat (style #TH0FTCH-9) is very similar from a materials standpoint, but does not feature the Tour logo treatment.