John Riegger
President Barack Obama shakes hands with newly-promoted Lt. Colonel Scott Bartlett, as Bartlett displays a special presidential golf ball presented to him by the President.

Lt. Col. Scott Bartlett got more than he expected when he attended the 29th Infantry Division Officers' Association Hail and Farewell event at Fort Belvoir GC in Virginia on May 16. It just so happened the Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, was playing golf at Fort Belvoir and learned that Bartlett had just been promoted.

After his round, the President congratulated Bartlett and presented him with one of his custom Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, complete with the Presidential Seal and number 44 play number.

Click the photo below to view some images of the golf ball used by the 44th President of the United States of America:

The following story appears courtesy of Major Tim Donnellan/29th Infantry Division Public Affairs:

FORT BELVOIR, Va. - President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to the 29th Infantry Division Officers’ Association’s Hail and Farewell May 16 at the Fort Belvoir golf course, where he shook hands and thanked the officers for their service.

“I appreciate what you do,” Obama said. “Thank you for service. As soldiers lined up to shake hands, camera phones were everywhere as the officers tried to get a photograph of Obama.

More than 70 officers and guests attended the event to welcome new officers and honor the departing members of the 29th Infantry Division.

The commander in chief was golfing at Fort Belvoir and accepted an offer to stop by and visit with the officers of the 29th.

“The first nine were great, but the back nine killed me,” joked Obama when asked about his golf performance.

When Obama finished shaking everyone’s hand he walked away only to return with a special gift for recently-promoted Lt. Col. Scott Bartlett .

“Where is that officer who just got promoted?” asked Obama as he walked back to the patio outside the clubhouse. Obama greeted Bartlett and gave him one of his presidential golf balls. Most golf balls have numbers stamped on them, usually numbers 1-4. Obama explained to Bartlett that the ball was a Titleist 44, made especially for the 44th president.

After giving the golf ball to Bartlett and congratulating him on his promotion, Obama left the clubhouse.

“What a day. I got to promoted and got to meet the President,” said Barlett.