Video: Battling the Open wind with Adam Scott

Posted: July 13, 2010

It's becoming pretty clear that this week's Open Championship will be markedly different than the last two quests for the Claret Jug at St. Andrews, at least as far as Mother Nature is hinting.

In 2000 and 2005, strong winds were noticeably absent at the Home of Golf, leading to winning scores of 19 under and 14 under, respectively.

Already this week, players are getting used to holding their hats, if not their focus. The forecast for the week doesn't show any letup on the Scottish gales, either.

Which means on the 150th birthday of The Open Championship, it will be pretty tough to light all those candles.

So how to prepare for such conditions?

Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott has been working hard on hitting low-trajectory shots – and not just short punches.

Check out the video below to hear exactly how Adam is preparing to take on Mother Nature.


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Ashraf Nasser

Adam Scott is one of my favorite on the tour.  Good Luck!!

Ashraf Nasser

Hang on... my 3 iron only goes 170 yards.

Mark W

Good Luck to Adam Scott!!!!!

Ashraf Nasser

Scotty too Hotty !!!! Hope he wins this week.

Ashraf Nasser

go adam i hope you keep that ball low and have alow score. keep it going

Ashraf Nasser

Aussie time, you're just about to start Adam.  I'll be watching.  You're my favourite.  Good luck.

Ashraf Nasser


Ashraf Nasser

Would much rather see him hit that way than hear him talk about it.  Sounds like he's got his game in the right frame for this Open tho, so I'm sure he'll kill it.  Give a visual of what he's describing next time, Titleist!