Video: Robert Karlsson's homemade training aid

Posted: July 13, 2010

Team Titleist awoke early this morning in St. Andrews to join Titleist Brand Ambassador Robert Karlsson on the range at the Old Course, where he introduced to us his new homemade training aid – a Titleist MB 8-iron with a Scotty Cameron red Custom Shop Grip (pictured above), aligned so the flat part of the putter grip is parallel to the leading edge of the club.

Karlsson, who enters The Open Championship ranked 31st in the world, says this setup offers him a better understanding and feeling of how his right hand is working with the club, ultimately helping him keep his clubface square through impact.

Karlsson tells Team Titleist all about the club in the video below:


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Robert Sellman

I have always wondered why grips were round. Anything to give you greater confidence that you have the club aligned correctly to the target is a great idea so Robert's idea will be one I shall adopt too.

Ralph V

Like it alot, makes much sense

Robert Sellman

The flat side grip installed on any club but a putter is illegal.

Robert Sellman

looks like a great training aide

Robert Sellman

Is Karlsson taking this grip just as a training aid or has he put the putter-grip on all of

his iron clubs in the bag and uses it on tornaments??


Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Jorg,

This is just a training aid that Robert uses on the range.