Happy Birthday, Bob Vokey!

Posted: July 15, 2010

Team Titleist would like to wish a big Happy Birthday to master craftsman Bob Vokey, whose Vokey Design wedges are the overwhelming favorite each week among PGA Tour players.

Vokey joined Titleist in 1996, where his first project was assisting with the final specifications of the popular Titleist Titanium 975D driver. He now relies on both old-fashioned hand skills and high-tech R&D to design and develop the game's finest wedges.

Vokey's wedges have been used in 18 major championship victories since 1997.

Click on the image below to view some pictures from throughout Vokey's life, and click here for a more in-depth look at his life and career.

As much as I wanted to play the game, I realized my strength was in learning about golf clubs, re-shafting them, designing them and making them. - Bob Vokey

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Robert Sellman

Check out Bob's lip furniture!

What a legend.

Team Titleist Staff

Brice Waddell

Happy birthday Voke...you're the best in the business!

Robert Sellman

Couldn't agree more with Brice - You're the best!  (Happy Birthday to Brice, too)

Robert Sellman

My son is playing the Hooter's Tour and cannot find conforming wedges in the retail stores.  Could you please advise a store near him where he can purchase?  His zip is 30265.  

He needs to get them ASAP as his next tournament is the first week of August and he obviously needs to practice with them first.  

Scott S

Happy Birthday Mr Vokey. I have played Vokey wedges for years and would like to say thank you for improving my game.  

Ryan Crysler

He needs to bring back the 'stache!


Happy Birthday and thanks for making the best wedges in the game, hands down. Doesn't get better than having a set of Vokey's in the bag.

Chris S

Happy B-Day Mr. Vokey -

Thanks for making the best wedge on the market!

Tim S

Belated happy birthday!

Tony C

Just one word can be used to sum up the Great Bob Vokey. Masterful.