Mort Congleton walked away from a recent Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting event with the confidence he was playing the best golf ball for his game, a Titleist Pro V1.

Turns out he was also playing the best golf ball for his driveway.

Congleton, 62, was guided through Titleist's Golf Ball Education and Selection process before one of his rounds at a team event hosted by ClubCorp a couple weeks ago at The Homestead's Cascade course in Hot Springs, Va.

(To learn more about Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting and try the online Titleist Golf Ball Selection Tool, click here.)

Congleton's recommended ball ended up being the Titleist Pro V1, which he said "was already my preference," considering its performance from 150 yards and in, the best part of his game.

On this day, however, Congleton would be most excited about its performance from 190.

He stepped to the 190-yard par-3 18th hole later that afternoon, teeing up one of the complimentary Titleist Pro V1's he received for going through the Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting experience.

In the distance, up the hill and over water, a brand new 2010 Acura ZDX sat behind the green, taunting players with a seemingly impossible task – make one, get one.

Congleton and his playing partners had joked about winning the car – "OK, guys, let's win that car!" – as most golfers do in that situation.

But the second Congleton's 2-hybrid sent his Pro V1 #3 sailing, everyone started staring, not snickering.

Congleton described it "as a "beautiful shot, like a bullet through the air, directly toward the pin," but lost the Pro V1 #3 as it traveled out of his sight.

"I don't see very well," he said, "but I kind of felt like I might have hit it long."

It didn't take long for the screams from his playing partners to begin: "Go in! Go in!"

The son of one of Congleton's friend, putting out on the 17th green, looked up at the sound of all the commotion, just in time to see the Pro V1 land on the putting surface and bounce into the hole.

"It went in!"

Congleton looked around and said, "You guys have to be kidding me!" A swarm of hi-fives ensued. Ivan Cueva, an assistant professional at Cozumel Country Club in Mexico playing in Congleton's group, started taking pictures.

Having just made the fourth ace of his life, Congleton had been rewarded with four wheels.

"It was outstanding, awesome," said Congleton. "It was good enough to get a hole in one, but to get a car on top that… wow."

Congleton said he doesn't lose many golf balls. He'll joke that if you hand him a dozen Titleist Pro V1s, he's good for another year. About 10 dozen used balls, including some old Titleist Tour Balatas, actually sit on a shelf in his house.

As for that new Pro V1 #3?

"I've been walking around with it in my pocket," Congleton said.

Driving around with it, too.

– Photos courtesy Ivan Cueva