A closer look at Michael Letzig's new Vokey wedge

Posted: July 23, 2010

Check out Titleist Brand Ambassador Michael Letzig's new 60V Black Oxide Vokey Design Spin Milled Wedge (C-C), fresh from Vokey's workshop.

The wedge features two TVD (Tour Vokey Design) Red weight ports (Letzig's wedges are usually long so they are ported to get the correct swingweight) on both sides of the Titleist script, TVD Red/White Tour Saw toe engraving and some some cool custom stamping.

Letzig likes to mix up his colors, having gone with blues, purples and several other colors in some of his old wedges. The red No. 1 with the white circle around it is a shout-out to the Cigarette racing boats, of which Letzig is a big fan.

The Vokey team sent a picture of the wedge last night to Letzig, who replied "Nice! That is the best yet!"

Letzig is playing in this week's RBC Canadian Open, where he is 4 under after the first two rounds (66-70).

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Robert Sellman

Now that is a hot looking wedge. Very Nice.

Robert Sellman

I love the coloe and the new design. I would be greatful to be a field tester for Titleist Products that's all I buy and use. Even my golf cart has Titleist on it to advertise this most special product to the golfers in our Men's Elk League.

Robert Sellman

Time to get after it Michael.  Good luck and play well.

Robert Sellman

That is Class!!!!!!

Andrew L

Love the customization!

Robert Sellman

like the color and the grind of sole

Casey Rebmann

Hey Mr. Vokey, if you want someone from your own country club to test your wedges and any other Titleist stuff, gimme a holler!  I'd be honored to do that.

Kenneth R

I gotta have one

John F

Great looking  wedge

Pete A

It has a great look, and I imagine it feels as good as it looks.