Video: Reshafting Michael Sim's Vokey Wedge at the PGA Championship

Posted: August 10, 2010

Early Monday afternoon at the PGA Championship, Titleist Brand Ambassador Michael Sim finished up his lunch in the Whistling Straits clubhouse before heading over to the Titleist Tour Van, resting comfortably among the fescue toward the back of the driving range. There he handed over a couple of Vokey Design Spin Milled gap wedges (one new, one old) to Vokey Tour Representative Aaron Dill, who had been expecting them. Dill's job: Reshafting the new wedge to match the length of Sim's old "gamer."

Check out the video below to watch Dill in action inside the Titleist Tour Van.

2010 PGA Trailer Sim.flv

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Titleist Staff Member


Now that was awesome!  Good to see Mr. Dill in action again!  


What is a different shaft put in or was it bent or something?

Team Titleist

Hi AD,

The shaft length was adjusted on the new wedge to match the specifications of Sim's current wedge. 

- Team Titleist


Very interesting to watch!


Aaron's the MAN!