Slideshow: Scotty Cameron Putters at the Tour Championship, Vivendi Cup

Posted: September 24, 2010

Our Scotty Cameron reps were on the practice green at East Lake making sure the best of the best have everything in place for this week's Tour Championship. We also had some new deliveries for players across the pond at this week's Vivendi Cup in Paris.


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Matt W

After playing the futura putter for nearly 10 years now I think I might have to check out the Kombi S.  A little different, but interesting enough to get me out to the pro shop to check it out.  As always, well done Titleist

John C

I'm currently playing a Studio Select Kombi.  Generally like it but it sometimes feels a bit too "large" or "big" -- particularly on windy days.  Picked up a center shafted Red X to try, but haven't had a chance to get it re-gripped and use it.  But now seeing the Kombi S, I'm wishing that I'd waited.  Oh well, what's one more putter......

Steve O

Looks like a real nice putter. I like the silver finish more than the honey dipped finish. Is it ever gonna be available to buy in stores???

Curtis C

That Hollywood looks AMAZING!!

Stephen M

It will take some doing to take my Newport Scotty away from me.  It is the best putter I have found that responds to my stoke and provides a great deal of confidence with 2-5 footers.

Tony C

Scotty Cameron does a legendary job with any putter he lays hands on.

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

VERY nice looking! The "Hollywood" looks very classy/elegant. Mr. Cameron does another fine job...again!

Paul V1

man these look great. you can't argue with the style and performance. best of both worlds!