Live Chat with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey! Your Questions Answered

Posted: November 5, 2010

Do you ever wonder what inspires Master Craftsman Bob Vokey while behind the wheel working on the perfect grind for his next wedge?

After sticking a shot close with your trusty Vokey wedge, do you ponder how all of the elements of club design worked in perfect harmony with your swing?

Do you want to know how “The Voke” comes up with his masterpieces?

Well, we’ve got some great news for you…

The one and only Bob Vokey will be answering questions during a live webcast on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST), with our friends over at GolfWRX. (Click here to go to GolfWRX for more details.)

And before “The Voke” goes live, we are giving members of Vokey Nation and Team Titleist the chance to have their questions answered first.  

Next week, we’ll be stopping by WedgeWorks, our high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, Calif., for a little fireside chat (minus the fire) with Bob, made up entirely of your questions and his answers.

He won’t be able to answer them all, so make sure your question is a good one – Bob is going to handpick the ones he answers.

And by the way, if your question is picked, you’ll also receive a special gift from Bob and the Vokey Wedges Team. (Hint: You can wear it on your head.)

Simply post your question in the comments section below we’ll take care of the rest.*

*Please note: The Voke has finished reading all of your questions and has chosen the ones he is going to answer. He thanks everyone for the overwhelming response and looks forward to answering more of your questions in the near future. Stay tuned for Bob's answers later this week right here on Team Titleist!


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Jason S

Mr. Vokey, I love your wedges.  And I am a big fan of your wedgeworks on your website.  Do you plan on making any more of the 400 series wedges?  I have played them for years and love them but they are getting harder to find.  

Robert Sellman

What is your opinion on the options of wedges for low handicap lefty golfers? I haven't played a stock 52/56/60 setup in quite a long time, but getting my ideal setup (54, 58 low bounce) in anything other than tour chrome/satin is increasingly, and frustratingly, difficult. I like the low-glare good looks of oil can and black oxide too! Do you see this changing for Vokey and Titleist in the near future?

Robert Sellman

Hi Bob,

   I love your wedges and you are doing a great job. The question I have is, Have you ever though of making a cavity backed wedge for intermediate players that might need a bit of forgiveness on full shots ?


Alec Nguyen

Tony C

bob.......why not make a sand wedge that covers all possibilities, hard pan and soft ground. that is the way wedges were made previously and no one had any problems then. it seems to me that there is way too much thinking about technology going on these days, more bounce, less bounce........just hit the shot and become a shot maker, stop relying on the club to do the work, be a true 'golfer'. thanks.--tony choy

Greg S

Bob, while it seems that we want to have a flat set up when addressing the ball with our wedge, are most golfers better served with a more upright lie?

Ted B

Is it difficult for you to balance the need for a traditional look with the requirement to use high tech?

Robert Sellman

i have been looking for a 52 deg sand do you even make one  . thanks

Robert Sellman


First, thanks for the excellent products. No better wedges in the game. The question I have is about finishes as they relate (or don't) to performance. As the designer, do you expect difference performance parameters from different finishes, i.e. chrome v satin v oil can, or the finishes purely cosmetic?

Thanks for your consideration

Robert Sellman

If you could only give a single answer what would it be, if the question was what can the average golfer do that would improve his game the most?

Robert Sellman


The short game is the name of the, my question is..with all the wedges on the market today why should I have Vokeys wedges in my bag? What sets you a part from all the other wedges?

Thank you,