Video: Behind the Scenes at Bob Vokey's GolfWRX Webinar

Posted: December 14, 2010

Last month, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Steve Pelisek, General Manager of Titleist Golf Clubs, sat down for a live webinar with our friends over at GolfWRX.

Bob and Steve spent nearly an hour answering a wide range of topics presented by members from the GolfWRX community – including wedge fitting for tour players, casting versus forging, diggers versus sliders, new grooves, bounce and Voke's favorite wedge. (A couple days earlier, Bob also sat down with Team Titleist to talk wedges.)

For behind-the-scenes video and a sampling of Bob Vokey's GolfWRX webinar,
see the clip below:

2010 Vokey Webinar.flv

For a replay of the entire GolfWRX webinar,
watch the video below:

2010 Vokey GOLFWRX.flv


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Robert Sellman

Voke.... Thank You!! Nothing more said!! You are the best!!


Bob is definately on top of the wedge world

Thanks titleist for posting these great videos


Robert Sellman

Over the years I have tested putters other than Scotty's, I've hit a Ping and Taylor-made for fun before really hitting my 907 or 909, and I've even thought about Cobra Irons once, but there are two things I have never wavered on -- my golf ball and my wedges!  Thank you Bob and Titleist for creating and maintaining the best  products on the market.


Thanks Voke, for answering my question about Graphite Shafts in Wedges, I was thinking I needed to change out the Steel, glad you set me straight, really informative WebCast.

Geoffrey B

good old bob vokey. gotta like that man


Interesting insight inot Bob's life in the Vokey business. Thanks for the video.