Video Replay: New Pro V1 & Pro V1x Webcast

Posted: February 7, 2011

Team Titleist would like to thank everyone that participated in our New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Webcast, which aired live Thursday here on

The Webcast, hosted by Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President for Golf Ball R&D, and Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications, addressed the golfer benefits and new technology of the New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls. Our experts also spent time answering questions submitted from members of Team Titleist.

You can watch a replay of the Webcast in the videos below.






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Ashraf Nasser

Great job explaining the 2011 changes to the Pro V golf balls.  

Ashraf Nasser

The new ball looks awesome. I can't wait for the season to start so I can try it for myself.

Ashraf Nasser

I used to be a very good golfer (3-7 hdcp).  But now I am older, a lot more weight, had some serious health problems the last couple years, but I still love the game.  I went out today for the first time ime in three years, played an easy course setup at Lake Kiowa GC in North Texas, and shot an 87, not great, but I am pleased.  I used Pro VI because they said it is softer than the Pro VIx.  I used to love the old balata balls, I could stop them on a dime and really control the ball around the green.  My game now is not built for distance but emphasizes control and consistancy.  Please let me know which ball is really best for me?

Sincerely, Capt. James L Cukr, USAF (Ret)

Bernard D

The snow is melting in Indiana and I am ready to start playing.  I get surgery on the spine in my neck next week so it will be a couple months before I am able to play.  I am switching to the PROV1 from the PROV1X this year and will make a few swing changes, but feel that a little better control around the green will keep me in the 3-6 hdcp range.  At 65 yr old with the wear and tear on my back over the years, I think I am doing very well.  I was not able to get to the webcast but saw the 3 parts from your email and was impressed.  I have tried many other balls and always go back to Titleist, cause theykeep my score down.  Thanks,

Ashraf Nasser

Enjoyed the explanation on the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x.  To be truthful, I was unaware of the spin and distance factors between the two balls.  I have always played the Pro V1 and have always gone back to this ball after trying the Pro V1x or another brand.  As the ball is promoted, I like the spin and control factor around the green which I attribute to some of my  lower rounds of golf.  Also, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to test the new ball.  Look forward to testing the Pro V1x to see for myself if it has any bearing on my game    

carroll s

will the price of the pro v1 ever come down to a lower price

Ashraf Nasser

Great job of explaining these new Pro V's.  I was fortunate enought to recieve some of the early test balls and was so impressed by how much they improved my outlook toward ball selection I immediately began using the better balls irregardless of the cost !

Again, thanks for the eye opener !


Dennis F

This was a great explanation of the 'prov/x' golf balls and their performance for all levels of golfers,. the ball flights of the different balls, and  the spin control of the short irons.  Thank you .

Ashraf Nasser

Very interestiging.   I really like the Pro-V-1.   I haven't tried the  Pro V-1 x  yet.   I am looking forward to give it a try.

rejean b

it`s good ball on fairway but on de green with my potter  i dont have a feling