Team Titleist had a blast catching up with longtime Titleist Advisory Staff Member Michael Breed while down in Orlando, Fla., recently for the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show.

Michael – the Head PGA Professional at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., and host of Golf Channel's popular golf instructional show, "The Golf Fix" – was gracious enough to spend some time answering questions submitted by members of Team Titleist, working from an impromptu set in the Titleist booth on the show floor. (Thanks, Michael!)

Check out Michael's answers to five of those questions in the videos below. We'll post his answers to more of your questions soon.

• • •

Dan B. asks: Hi Michael, I watch your show all the time and enjoy all the insight you bring to the game. My question is: Living in the North where it is cold and we can't get the outdoor practice in, what should we do to keep our game in shape, so we are sharp when it warms up (other than move to a warmer climate)?



Terry W. asks: Mike, I've been playing golf for a long time. I sure would like to know a tip about keeping my head down during the golf shot. I feel this is one of the biggest problems golfers have.



Ron P. asks: 

Do you have a favorite drill that helps students understand "the coil," that the legs and lower body perform in the back swing and then release/transfer on the forward swing?



Paul G. asks: Michael, I love your enthusiasm for the game, but how do you keep going at such a crazy pace?



Wayne asks: 

I'm a high school golf coach and I'd like to know some drills that I can do with my team using alignment sticks. Thanks!!!!!!