PGA Show: The Titleist Experience with Michael Breed - Catching up with Scotty Cameron

Posted: February 11, 2011

In our third installment of The Titleist Experience with Michael Breed from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, Michael spends five minutes taking a glimpse into the mind of Scotty Cameron, whose putters have been the choice of more players and more champions on the PGA Tour for 12 years.

Topics of discussion include:

• Sound vs. feel;
• Tour player testing;
• Coming up with new ideas; and
• Scotty's putters of choice.

Check out the video below to learn more. For more on Scotty and all of his works, visit

Q&A: Scotty Cameron on the new Futura X7 putters

October 9, 2015

Introducing the new Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M putters

October 5, 2015

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Hector F

What a great interview!  As an owner of several Custom Cameron putters, I can say that Scotty means what he says.  He does build putters that meet the individual needs of golfers.

Ron S

Can consumers buy alternate weights from Titleist for their SCameron putters and if so can they purchase the wrench as well.

Robert Sellman

Scotty Cameron is a legend. He designs the best putters, by far. I'm hoping to get a California, not sure which model, this year..


Another great interview by MB.  Scotty is an articulate designer and very interesting guy  I like his term "studio" instead of "workshop".  Says alot about the man.

Michael always asks the right questions as an interviewer.

Thanks Titleist for sharing these.


Robert Sellman

You have a wonderful product. I tried other balls but always come back to titleist.

Robert Sellman

Great Interview by both MB and SC.  Michael ended with perfect ?, what does Scotty putt with!

Club Champion

Marc S

As a "lefty" I truly believe that Scotty is an icon, but would love for more of his models to come in left-handed. Is the demand not high enough or is there another reason, why more models are not available for left handers?

Club Champion


I'll second the comment above left handed putters. Where I live (Montreal), our local Golf superstore is always short on lefty Camerons because of how quickly they sell! Being a lefty myself, I really do appreciated the fact that you continue to offer the Newport 2 model because this is the one I like the most on the market and the one I play. I'm just curious, do you have any plans to release the Black finish that a lot of guys are playing on tour? Like the one on Johny Vegas's putter? They sure look awesome!

Keep up the good work!



Josh G

Scotty is so cool!  Of course he would carry two putters in his bag.

I love every interview he's ever done.  I really hope he comes out with some more beached putters.  I love the feel, excuse me, sound of that putter.

Thanks Titleist