Slideshow: Team Titleist at the Masters (Part 2)

Posted: April 6, 2011

It was a serious day of work Tuesday at the Masters, both on the course and inside the Titleist Tour Van.

Camera in hand, Team Titleist took a stroll around Augusta National to watch several Titleist players dial in their focus for the pressure-packed rounds ahead. Then it was off to the Titleist Tour Van, where we were excited to find Masters Craftsman Bob Vokey doing what he does best: Building wedges.

Check out all the pictures from Tuesday in the slideshow below.

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Jun R

...I wish all the Titliest players all the best in US Master...!!!!

Josh G

Loving the pictures so far.  Keep them coming.  Gotta love seeing the Voke in action

Robert Sellman

Ilove my vokey wedge And my titlest balls good luck to all I'm taking Phil

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

Augusta...pure beauty and so rich in history. Titleist Staff players looking great.

Mr. Vokey, you know, if you're building some wedges, while you're at it, you could always make 2 more for me!

Mr. Vokey is always hard at work and takes very good care of the players. It's no wonder why Vokey's are the absolute best wedges on the planet.

Robert Sellman

I hope Mr V was able to get out of the van to see some of the most fantastic finishing holes seen for a very long time. As an Aussie it was a real roller coaster finish. What a memorable tournament.