Slideshow: New Prototype Titleist Vokey Design SM4 Wedges Debut on PGA Tour

Posted: August 23, 2011

 Early Monday morning at The Barclays, long before any players had arrived for the start of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, the only sounds heard in the locker room at at Plainfield (N.J.) Country Club were from the opening and closing of lockers.

It was delivery time for the new Prototype Titleist Vokey Design SM4 wedges, signaling the official start of the seeding and tour validation process critical to the development of all Titleist golf equipment.

"It was a great surprise today when I opened the locker and I saw three new wedges in there," said Titleist Brand Ambassador Robert Karlsson.

Later in the day, Karlsson spent about 45 minutes on the range with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey, testing the new Prototype SM4 wedges and giving Bob feedback on the new SM4 groove technology with three additional scoring lines.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings hadn't planned on going to the course Monday until he found out what was waiting for him in his locker.

"I wanted to try out the new wedges," Scott said. "I couldn't wait."

Check out the slideshow below for pictures from Day 1 of the seeding and tour validation process. And stay tuned to the Tour Blog for more updates, video and pictures from The Barclays.

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Beautiful!  Nice stuff Voke & Adill!  Keep it up

Brian D

what a great slide show.  I truly shows how much Voke puts into his products as well as how Titleist supports the change and roll out of new weapons!

Good luck to all who put into play.  Looking forward to their assement of the new wedges.

Daryle P

Going through the slide show, I noticed Rickie Fowler had three boxes of Pro V1x's and Steve Stricker had four. Is this a contractual thing or simple favoritism. Just kidding, I can't wait to get my new Vokeys. When are they available to the public?

Skip L

Are the new wedges forged ?


will the oil can finish be avalible in a left handed model?

Brent T

when will we get a shot at the SM4 wedges?

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

As always, Mr. Vokey and his team did a great job with the new wedges. Maybe we'll get some feedback from the players after they try them out, compared to the "old" C-C wedges, lofts/bounces.

Kitty Lo

How can us mere mortals get our hands on one to try?  I would love to test them out against the new wedges I just bought.  I will even give them to the next person to try out when I am done with the....  I was part of a program called Play It Forward for Cleveland Golf CG16 clubs.  They sent me one iron to try out (7 iron), it turned out to be the sweetest club in my bag, so I went out and bought the whole set.  I bet if other club makers had something like this you would get  more sales.  

Oh yeah..  can you please put a few boxes of Pro V1x and some gloves in my locker too?  (Cadet small).  ;)

Ben F

What can lefties get out of the new line for a long time we are neglected with lofts and degrees. Are you going togive us some more options to well with?

Will M